So much has happened but here is the long story short. I fell in love with an Oleg Cassini gown that was "last chance". It was marked down almost $300 bc it was being discontinued. I was told by three bridal consultants at my appointment one of which being a manager that if I wanted the dress I HAD to order it that day bc it will no longer be on the catalogue and will be discontinued. My wedding is Summer of 2016. They told me, all three, that i could alter my dress between now and then if I order a size up and it would be CHEAP to alter because it comes in petite so less alterations... I was told I could RETURN my dress if I wasnt happy with it. I was told I could exchange it for a different size up until my wedding date even though it was going to be discontinued because they would "still have the pattern"

Today I went to pick up my dress.

1) i wear a 36DD ... they ordered me a 40D which was way too big around my waist and made me pop out of the top like mad!

2) was told my slip and sash was in when indeed they WERE NOT ACCOUNTED FOR.

3) I ordered a size 12 but because of my bust... they ordered me a size 14- they NEGLECTED to order the petite size as I requested because I am so short... the dress was GIANT and because it was not in petite the shape was ALL WRONG. I cried when I looked in the mirror that was not the dress I fell in love with! It was like a completely different dress and I was then told they will ONLY alter the dress 3/4th an inch due to the style, and suggested I order a different size. When I went to order a different size they told me no because the dress was DISCONTINUED.

I can exchange the dress ONCE, not as many times necessary even if my size changes dramatically over the next two years which it better because I am not happy with my weight...

I was told in the beginning I could return my dress only to learn all sales are final unless an exchange for equal or greater value takes place. Even though its AGAINST THE LAW in Oregon to deny refund if displeased with services and presented a receipt.

Lastly my grandmother who BOUGHT MY DRESS on their credit system called to ask for clarification and debate the return of the dress because it is NOT WHAT I ORDERED.... she didn't have a tone she was just asking for clarification to gain better understanding. The customer service agent HUNG UP on her.

So displeased!VOID DAVID'S BRIDAL AT ALL COSTS. We were completely scammed & had BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE and unknowledgable sales associates who lied on a number of occasions about dress outcomes when changing sizes& the ordering process. The girl I worked with was nice but was unable to help due to store policy even though the girl who helped me get in this mess was severely misinformed and careless. Now I am STUCK with a dress I am 1000% unhappy w/bc of the lies I was told and David's bridal policy. SO WRONG. I am out a TON of money for a dress that is not the dress I ordered!!!

Review about: Davids Bridal Dress.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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