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David's Bridal in Middletown, New York has some of the worst sales associates I have ever dealt with. All of the clothes I wear are a size 12 but the bridesmaid dresses run small there.

I ordered a size 14 which fit me perfectly when I tried it on. The woman who placed the order switched some of the measurements around and I ended up with a dress that was way too small for me. The solution? They gave me a size 22 dress and told me it was all they had and that I needed to pay for all of the alterations.

Even worse, the sales associate I was dealing with looked me straight in the face and said "these dresses really aren't meant for big girls". I was also told "my size was an issue" and that I was "just too big". A size 12 is the average size of a woman in America today. Yes, I have ***, a butt, and a set of hips but that does not give anyone the right to pick someone apart like that.

She is lucky I have a back bone and didn't let it affect me too much. What if it had been someone else who had come in that day dealing with an eating disorder or a thyroid problem? Never in my life have I dealt with a person so simple-minded.

I will never set foot in a David's Bridal again. I also wrote a letter to the CEO...let's see if I even get acknowledged.

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