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To Whom it May Concern,

I purchased my bridal gown from the Pineville, NC David's Bridal in August 2012. That day, I had spent $1250.00 in store and that was not including my alteration costs, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, accessories, flower girl dress, and mother of the bride dress that I was planning on including later.

I was told my dress would be ready for pickup some time in December. I was surprised when I got a phone call about a week later stating that my dress was available to pickup and ran over to get it on my way home from work. I did not have enough time to try it on due to a time constraint with my daughters babysitter, but when I got home, I really wished I had looked at the dress in store. I was appalled to see snags in the fabric, beading falling off, stitching hanging off, threads sticking out; it was just a mess, and this wasn't just in one place, it was all over the dress, front, back, and sides.

I called the store immediately and brought it in. Every single employee that saw the dress said the same thing, "yeah I would be upset too." or "I understand why you're upset." or "I'm not sure how that happened!" Despite their agreement on the poor quality of the dress, it was still a hassle talking to them about someone fixing it. They said all they could do was fix the beading, cut off the frayed edges and threading randomly hanging in different areas, and stitch into the dress the parts of the dress that weren't already stitched in, everything else either they couldn't fix or I would be charged for. As I sat there getting a SALES PITCH about why I should get my dress altered at David's bridal, my concerns weren't being taken care of.

I came in to see what could be done to fix my brand new (in a BROKEN bag) dress that clearly no one inspected before calling me to come pick it up, not get a sales pitch about why they have a good alterations department. Do you honestly think I'm going to spend a cent more in a store that won't help fix something that was not my fault, but the companies fault? Absolutely not. On top of that, the blame was being turned around on me somehow because I should have tried on the dress when I came to pick it up.

It's not my fault that I got a phone call stating I had only 5-7 days to pick it up and during that time frame I had very limited time to do so, so I had to pick it up and go. Finally, I was able to speak with the manager, who seemed annoyed with me, but agreed to send out for a new dress and said they would call me with an estimated time of arrival for the new dress ASAP. After a few whispers between employees, I left the store with no dress and no information on my new one. After a week, I had still not heard back from David's bridal, so I took it upon myself to call and find out the new estimated pickup date.

This is awful customer service and I will be sure to never buy anything from David's bridal again, as well as make sure to spread the word to all of my engaged friends to steer clear of the store. The dress I bought was $850, not a cheap dress or one that was on clearance bought "as is". The one I tried on, that many other brides have tried on was in better shape than the brand new one I purchased! How is that possible?

I am so frustrated, upset, concerned, annoyed with how all of this was handled. It really made me wish I had stuck with a private boutique for my gown. If my dress comes back and again has poor quality and an employee tries to give me a sales pitch again instead of fixing the dress FREE of charge, I guess I will take further action, since they state it's "final sale".

I explained to the employees that I know it is not their fault that the dress came that way, but it is their duty to fix it. As a store, you have a duty to give your customers the quality work they paid for.

Review about: Davids Bridal Dress.

Monetary Loss: $850.

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