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All I can say is that my experience with David's Bridal has been a horrible one. I ordered my sister's bridesmaid's dress over a month ago and was told that I would have it soon; because it was in stock (a side note to know to is that it was also no longer going to be made).

I waited over a month and called to question where the dress was. First I was told it was mailed to me on the 16th. That turned out to be a LIE! Because then they told me no it was mailed on the 18th you will have it on the 24th.

I was also told that I had to understand that it takes time to ship a dress and there is a process that it has to go through. When I question it takes over a month to take a dress off a rack and put it in a box she said yes. When I requested the tracking number Rebecca at David's Bridal at Whitehall PA told me I couldn't have it; because it's a "corporate tracking number". So AGAIN I waited.

24th comes and goes NO DRESS. 25th delivery hours come and go. NO DRESS. So I call AGAIN.

I am given the run around yet AGAIN! First they tell me they need to look up my tracking number and will call me right back. Over 30mins pass still no call. So I call yet AGAIN.

I am told hold on I have to refresh my page our system is slow. Are you Serious!? No system is that slow. So I am asked where was the dress mailed to?

I told her to me I paid for it. So all of a sudden she gets quiet, and all I hear is her on the computer. So she said let me check the other address (my sister's). Still she says NOTHING!

She eventually tells me I see in your account that your dress was mailed. But she still cant say where it was mailed. When asked so where is it? She didn't give me an answer; except let me check our system for what was mailed out.

Again all I hear is the keys. She eventually tells me only ONE dress was mailed to my area, and that person is named Rebecca. I told her that I was called Rebecca the last time I called and I corrected the woman, and told her my name is Stephanie. Turns out the woman on the other line was named Rebecca.

Now that I told this woman this she then tells me "oh yes I see you did speak to Rebecca. I will look further into this,and get back to you." She stated they were very busy on the floor with other brides, and that I would have to WAIT AGAIN for her to call me back. She claimed she would call me a little after 9pm because she was staying late. Needless to say 9pm came and went a long time ago and she NEVER CALLED.

My wedding is just around the corner. So I became lost on what to do next; because dealing with ANYBODY from this company has proven to be worthless. Thankfully my finance called FedEx and was able to find out that SHOCK I was LIED to yet AGAIN! Turns out they just printed my shipping label a little bit ago (it is now after 11pm on the 25th).

He was also told that it was only PRINTED not SHIPPED! I am not a happy customer, and I am sick and tired of getting the run around and lied to. This morning (7/26/2012) I called AGAIN. The woman I talked to ran me through the same *** routine and said she would call back.

She said she wanted to check shipping and receiving. Because I told her choose your words wisely I know for a fact my dress is sitting in your store. She stuttered with her words asking how I knew. I told her that we had already spoken to FedEx and knew they had lied to me AGAIN and that the shipping label was made last night and it was not shipped yet.

Once they finally called me back;  I spoke to Anne she said she was the woman I talked to yesterday. She after a pathetic excuse  for not calling back last night. She claimed that my dress was now being sent overnight to me and gave me the tracking number. I told her that they needed to do better than that because I have had the other dress I ordered on the same day since about JUNE  8th.

She claimed that she thinks that I do but has to get approval first. She claims I will be called again today and then ADMITTED that they had NEGLECTED to ship my dress to me (I had PAID for the shipping over a MONTH ago), and that my dress had been there since early JUNE! How am I suppose to believe I will have my dress tomorrow and that she will call again today after being LIED to so many times! They had the main office call me and she even saw in my computer the dates my dress was "shipped" and refused to do anything better than a refund on shipping and 20% off on the dress and a refund of my shipping (that totaled less than $50 back).

She even told me that they had my dress in the store for a long time, and didn't seem to care.

I am not a happy customer and they need to learn to take responsibility for their actions! All I can say is the ONLY good company in this situation were the wonderful people at FedEx that pulled the final veil of lies that is David's Bridal.

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