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I would not waste my time here. Find a place that actually wants your business and will do what it take find what you want for that special day!

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I just wanted to say that I thought I would shop at Davids Bridal for my wedding dress for my wedding in May.I was limited in time due to the fact that my wedding is in May as well as I have a young child I left behind at a baby sitter.

I made it clear to the young lady that helped me out trying to find a dress that I was on a budget of 300 dollars or less and I didn't want to see anything priced more that my budget. I tried on the first three dresses and loved one I tried on, yet when I looked at the tag it was $799. As disappointing as that was I then again told her I didn't want to see anything above my budget. Out of all the dresses she brought me I only saw one that was within my budget at $249.

I gave up trying to find a dress from David's Bridal because I felt my time was being wasted as well as hers. You lost a customer on Tuesday. I was at the Oakdale, MN store at noon and left within the hour and made my purchase with someone who actually wanted to help me with what I was looking for. If you didn't have anything in my size it would have been helpful to have been told that..

If you force your employees to try and sell a higher priced dress that's great if you succeed, but for those of us that are buying dresses on a budget you lose a customer when they are not shown what they are looking for.

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I called ahead of time and specifically told them my price range before I made the appointment and wad told there were several... So perhaps you could have been honest and said we only have one dress in that range would you still like an appoinment!


I went in saying I have a budget with no ideal in mind just bring me dresses to try on.... so tell me who wasted whose time...god you sales people are so NOT professional! But thanks for commenting so tha others can see how you employees really are.


Actually no. I did not have any dress in mind I just wanted to find a low priced dress. So perhaps that may be an issue.for you but my issue wad she was an ***.


As I work at David's, let me tell you, their ads for the $99.00 dress.there is maybe a few.

Wedding dresses are expensive. My guess is you gave a description WHAT you wanted, but not in the price range. If you saw ONE dress in your range, that probably was it. I have brides who come in, tell me they found a dress they just love at some other bridal boutique, I see the pic - know its a $2000 dress and then they tell us they want to spend a max of $500.00.

They want the same dress for alot less money. QUIT WASTING OUR TIME. Be reasonable. If you set such a low budget, take what you can get.

They will be plain dresses, no embellishments, no special fabrics, and limited very limited design. If your honest with yourself what you described was brought to you, you just didn't have the budget or the desire to spend that much money. I've learned to tell the bride. I will bring you ALL the dresses in your price range, even if they don't match your description.

then, I bring 3 dresses anhd tell them -- sorry that's it. USUALLY, the price range goes up significantly. If you have that Low of a range, go to a consignment or used clothing ebay etc. Dont waste our time.

We earn a living this way....we are not there JUST BECAUSE WE HAVE TIME ON OUR HANDS.

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