I had an appointment with David's Bridal at 10 am. When I arrived at the store, on time, we were told by an employee that they didn't open till 11.

I told her we had an appointment at 10. The store did open at 10, pretty sad when their own employees can't keep up and that should have been my first clue. The sales person who was working with me started off very nice and friendly. He asked me the normal questions so he could get an idea of my style and then he went to get some dresses.

Out of all the dresses he brought, which wasn't very many, there was one that I kind of liked. My MOH's were with me and they went to look at the rack of dresses to see if there was anything better. When they found one they informed the sales person who told them, very rudely, that I wouldn't like it and took it from them and hung it back up. They brought me the dress anyway and it turned out it was the prettiest one I tried on.

Unfortunately, it had stains on it. So not only was their selection of dresses lacking in style but most of them had something wrong with them, snags, stains etc. I decided to take a break and maybe check with other bridal shops. The sales person, in his snotty tone, told me that I should come back with less people, there were 9 of us.

I know that's a big group but they were there for a reason, I value their opinion, even though the sales person didn't think I should. I was uncomfortable from the moment I walked in the store and it was such a relief to get out of there.

I wouldn't recommend this store to anyone. The other stores around the country might be better but this one sucks.

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Gulf Breeze, Florida, United States #604599

Well Sam, you seem to know everything concerning this brides appointment. First of all, it should not matter how many people come with a bride for a consultation, as all brides feel this is one of the most important days of their lives and we value our family and friends opinion.

We all know alterations are a part of most bridal gowns but that is not why this bride was upset. This bride to be was upset about the way she was treated. The fact that the sales consultant was rude and she was also not happy with the lack of selection in the Bridal store. The gowns they did show her had stains, snags and the quality was not what she was expecting.

All Brides do expect to feel special on a day of shopping for a gown that will provide them with memories of a lifetime. By no means does that make her a Bridezilla.

I sure hope you don't work in customer service because this was her complaint, people like you, We all expect people to be nice and unfortunatly you have proven not all people are nice. Please stay behind close doors because you are not anyone I would ever care to meet~~~

Evansville, Indiana, United States #604336

First of all, you shouldn't act like you know better than the bridal consultant. They are well trained and usually are able to pick a dress that suits your figure, your budget and your style within the first few dresses.

If you didn't like any of them, you're probably one of the problem brides (aka BRIDEZILLAS) who want everything to be absolutely perfect all the time. You expect an off the rack dress to be perfect which is very VERY rare. There are these little things called alterations that allow you to adjust the things you aren't happy with.

And NINE people at a dress appointment?

People like you make me want to puke. You don't need 9 opinions to pick a dress and you were probably taking up half the store.

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