My daughter and I visited the DAVID'S BRIDAL in Lubbock, TX on 12/01/2011. Upon entering the store

the sales person at the service counter-not the young lady greeters desk-before asking us any questions informed us that we could only look at gowns in the bridesmaid section and not in the wedding gown section.

She told us that we had to have a consultant with us to look at the wedding gowns. I told her I wasn't going to

bring our consultant. (What I should have told her was that our consultant advised us not to go to David's in Lubbock and now I understand why.) My daughter and I turned to leave the store and the woman asked if my

daughter was getting married? Really? Why would we want to go to David's and look at the wedding gowns if

she wasn't getting married? I told her yes that the wedding would take place in the Fall of 2012. She came over

to us handed us a few catalogues and preceded to explain that she "couldn't allow the girls to come in the store

and handle the gowns and soil them". She suggested that we look through the catalogues and make an appointment. Ummmmm I'm missing something here, but I don't think my daughter and I consitute "the girls",

there were very few young ladies in the store at the time, and seriously is David's doing so well that they would treat a potential client with in such a condescending manner? I'm in my sixties and my daughter is in her twenties. We don't go to bridal shops for kicks! This will be a long journey until my daughter reaches the alter and I sure hope this isn't a bad omen for her/us :( Without a doubt, we won't be using David's in Lubbock, TX

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I am sorry about the way they treated you. If you would like to come into the store in Wichita Falls (I know it's a bit of a drive) we would love to take care of you, with or without an appointment.

We are getting into "bridal Christmas" where we are very busy all the time, but we also go out of our way to staff all of our consultants on the weekends.

If you come, please ask for Caitlin. I would love to help you.


I bought my wedding gown at David's Bridal in Napierville, IL. I wasn't really planning on wedding dress shopping that day, so I wasn't dressed for it, but my sister and I decided to stop anyway.

It was a busy Saturday, and we did not have an appointment. We could not have been treated better! We started out just looking at dresses on the racks, but a salesperson came over, offered to help us, took my selections to a fitting room, brought me the appropriate undergarments, shoes, etc. I tried on 4 - 5 dresses and found exactly what I wanted.

The best part was that, instead of having to order the dress and wait for months, then have to have it altered, etc., the dress at David's fit perfectly, I could buy it and take it THAT DAY! I also bought ALL of the undergarments, shoes, veil, etc. PERFECT!

I got back to the car and called my fiance and told him, "Baby, you're committed now! I bought the dress - there's no turning back!" I recommend David's Bridal to EVERYONE!


I beg to differ with you, I am getting married in April 2012 and I have been to multiple bridal stores that not only let me look without an appointment but made the time to help me try on gowns I found interest in. Now let me tell you that the workers at Davids Bridal in San Antonio, TX were very rude and had No consideration for my time.

I made an appointment and arrived 10 minutes before they even opened, my appointment was the first of the day, my scheduled consultant never showed so I had another employee help me. Very disappointing because she had no clue. I ask for her opinion only to have her give me a dress to try on that literally left my *** exposed. Sorry this is my wedding not a strip show.

Davids Bridal here sucks. Now on a good note I went to Davids Bridal in Grand Rapids, MI. and they were very knowledgeable and helpful. Oh and did I mention that they let is look without an appointment and then made an appointment for a full consultation.

And by the way they found time to let me try a couple of dresses on without an appointment. So not all Davids Bridals suck


You have to have an apointment to look at the wedding gowns at any bridal store. and if you don't want to do that the go look at jc pennys.

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