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This company is not willing to make the customer happy in any way. First, David's Bridal order the wrong color dresses for us (bridesmaids). They were not willing to give us a discount and the staff was rude. The associate made a rude comment about the bride and her baby.

I was the last to get my dress and when it came in, the top portion of the dress is made improperly. The seamstress says that is how the dress is supposed to be made but the other bridesmaids dresses are not made like mine. The wires in the breast area poke out which is very noticeable. She tells me that it is too big in the top and it needs some stitches to tighten it up. We ask if they can do it they tell us no. So not only we spend $155+ on the dresses, we get the wrong color dresses, the bride get rude comments from the staff, and no friendly helpful associates to help fix the problem with my dress. Now I have to take the dress to an alteration shop and spend more money. Did I mention that the color of the wedding had to be changed at the last minute because of the color mix up?! All David's Bridal was concerned about was getting their money, after that, customer service went down hill.

This is suppose to be a happy occasion for us especially my sister (the bride), but David's Bridal staff has made this a nightmare.

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I don't buy this one. David's Bridal alterations specialists are trained to alter ANY AND EVERY david's bridal dress, so part of this complaint is bologna.


What Does Coorly mean?

to Unknown Allendale Charter Township, Michigan, United States #665092

Coorly is another way to say poorly to those who do not understand. Looks to me like the bad experience at David's caused this person to stumble on a couple of words, but I am certain normal people get the gist of the complaint.

David's Bridal certainly shows a poor level of customer service. Did I spell correctly here. I am also going by the many reviews from many sources saying the same thing!

So, instead of responding the way you did above, practice better customer care to avoid such negative and accurate comments. :roll

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