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My bridal party and I had a booked appointment. We arrived and was greeted by a salesperson.

Unfortunately, this is about as good as it gets. The salesperson who greeted us asked another salesperson if she could assist us, but that person only gave her a dirty look and continued with her conversation with another employee. Ultimately, the woman who greeted us assisted us with bridesmaids dresses; however, she was hardly available to get us any dresses. My party ended up having to look for their own dresses.

To top it off, she insulted one of my bridesmaids (who is pencil thin), telling her she needed a body suit in order to fit into one of the dresses.

Earlier in the appointment, she also told one of the salesgirls to "squeeze" us into dresses, which we all found to be quite rude.

After trying several dresses and having no available chairs to sit on, we ultimately left this store. There was no customer service whatsoever!

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I realize this is a complaint forum but I'm wondering if the bad service depends on where the store is. I live in WV and made an appointment during the week.

We were greeted immediately and the girl asked many questions about what I was looking for. She set me up in a dressing room with my name on it, brought me one dress that looked awful then a second one that was completely what I wanted and ended up buying. Her attention was totally on me for over an hour and she was extremely helpful, coming up with ideas for veils and shoes. As a salesperson she did try to pressure me into buying other things but once I told her no she was fine with it.

My experience has been nothing but positive, so did I just get lucky? I wonder how it would have gone if I had had to order anything. I'm very glad I didn't.

Weddings are stressful enough without salespeople adding to it. I'm sorry for all of you that have had bad experiences.

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