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Purchased my dress from David bridal only wanted to spend a certain amount. Sales reprep brought dresses over the price I wanted to spend which the sales rep asked when I first came in how much was I looking to spend.

After finally picking out my dress realizing that it was much more than what I intended to spend, the look on my face said it all. The sales rep offered for me to get a David's bridal credit card with 6 months no interest to pay off. I was also told that any other purchases that I made will have its 6 months from that time of purchase date to pay off. So while paying back for my dress I also purchased the photography for my wedding and broke up the payments so I would have more time to pay.

In the event while this is all happening I later realized on my bill when I had completely paid off my dress in full and was expecting to pay off the next item in date order that was not the case. Apparently the sales rep who offered the card fail to disclose that every item that is purchased is allocated in the monthly payment which is fine but the catch is when my payment was made it was split into each of the item that was purchased which meant I would never be able to pay off the items before the nd of the promotional date. I reported this to the credit bureau several times and they took the side of the company David bridal even though I showed and told them I wasn't t aware the sales rep did not make me aware of any of these information. I was very disappointed in how everything turned out.

Not to mention I had other bad experience with them before my wedding. I would strongly not recommending to get a credit card from them and if you can go elsewhere to get your wedding items please do. These company's have no respect for people.

I am so happy that I paid them off because I would have been charged an extra 600 dollars after end of promotional fees. What a relief not to give them my hard earned money.

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