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I had bought a wedding dress and a honeymoon dress and my mom bought a dress that needed straps and needed letting out. Now weeks later after they are finished we are due in for our fitting to make sure it all came out nice. Here is my complaint:

05/27/2015 - Went to get dress checked for proper alterations. I came in and there was a party of three ahead of me (a woman with two kids). When we came, another lady with a friend came up behind us for alterations. By now, there were roughly 7 people being in the dressing room with two employees helping...9 people in a small dressing room. Needless to say it became overwhelming.

A lady retrieved mine and my mom's dresses and then when it came time to see the dress on on their stage, the employee was helping the lady who came after us and her friend was sitting on the steps to the stage, partially blocking it and not even moving when I went to step up. I had to walk around her and the employee never told her to please stand up or not to block traffic. I waited for assistance, roughly standing there for 2 minutes before the lady helped me. Now this was when the mother and her two kids waited outside the dressing rooms for their turn. My mom had to talk over the girl sitting on the steps who still never even budged to let my mom approach. The lady "helping us" hurriedly looked me over and said that everything was fine.

Personally, I don't think the dress was fine as the dress was about an inch too long and it hit the floor. I wanted it off the floor so it didn't dress. Well, I guess the dress was "fine". My mother couldn't see properly so I didn't ask her.

Now at this time, my mother never even got to go onto the stage to see her dress in proper lighting or visuals, just the dressing room mirror. The lady never even inspected her dress. Mom said the dress fit properly and the lady though was quick to help her unzip. So, I stepped down avoiding the lady on the stairs and excused myself brushing past the party of three and changed into my other dress. After trying for 5 minutes to zip my own dress, the lady came to help, then rushed out. I walked out to see the dress and saw that now the stage was occupied by the mommy, now with the girl planted on the stairs watching he friend continue to get the dress altered. I wait. When I exit, I see one of two girls now on the stage and the mommy giving the employee a hard time about doing something with the knee length dress. I go back into dressing room. I wait. I come back out and there is the mommy again and I stand there waiting. and waiting. I stand there politely until I see things going at a snail's pace for the one getting dress altered and the mommy arguing with her tailor over slight bunching and this and this... I turn around and went back into dressing room.

Now wouldn't you know, the tailor "helping me" rushed into my dressing room and asked how everything was. I told her I am trying to see if it fit properly, with but the dressing room lighting and mirror was hard to tell (trying to get her to make room for me) She looked me over and said it was fine even though for some reason it fit weird. My mom asked me how it fit and I told her I didn't know and I hoped it looked okay.

It felt as though me and my mom were being rushed and we were because there were more important people there (one was a bride, like me btw but I guess they took my money already so she was more important) I was supposed to have a 12:30 appointment, but I guess so did they and we were left out and rushed out 30 minutes later. I felt like I was imposing on the other people's time getting their dress altered.

I wish I never got my dress altered there. All the *** money I spent getting my dress altered I deserved to have my time and not share it with a crowded dressing room and snobby people.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with bridesmaid dress styles and bridesmaid dress colors and stated that there is a room for improvement of rushed and overbooked. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of davids bridal dress. Davids Bridal needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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