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I have had so many problems with this company! I was so excited to go and try dresses on, and David's bridal was at the top of my list.

We began looking at dresses as we waited for our stylist. At first, everything was great and our stylist took note of my personal style and what I liked and disliked. I tried a few on and was told that I was a size 16, which was way off as I later found out. I pointed it out, but she assured me that she was correct.

At this time, the shop got really busy so our stylist asks to step away. Sure, no problem we understand that we are not the only ones there. We continued looking at dresses when we were approached by a manager who didn't greet us, instead she attacked us asking where the stylist was. We explain that we were just looking and would notify our stylist if we needed help.

The manager said that "I couldn't try on anymore dresses and that I would need to come back." I already had a room with two dresses saved for me, but she didn't care. She said that "we were unable to look without a systlist and that we need to make an appointment to come back." I was almost in tears at this point, because she was so rude and all we were doing was looking! I just wanted to leave but I loved one of the dresses I tried on. I asked to try it on one more time, as I was sure it was the one I wanted and they could alter it, I was told.

The manager told me that "I couldn't try it on and that I need to either buy it or come back another day." I didn't want to risk losing it so I bought it. It wasn't a pleasant experience, but I was just glad we found a dress. I went back a week later to get a corset to wear under the dress, and I was sized wrong again! I was put into a corset three times too small and the stylist told me that "it is supposed to fit like that!" I'm no expert, but when you look like a busted can of biscuits, it isn't the right size!

She assured me that "It would look better when the dress is altered and laying flat against the corset." I was trying to be modest for my wedding day, not have my breasts popping out of the dress! I went somewhere else, as I felt uncomfortable with the fit. That is when I was informed that the size they put me in and said was right, was way too small!! It came time to do alterations and there was no way was I going back to that location.

I made an appointment across town in Houston and went to another location hoping for a better experience. I got to the alterations department and I am informed that the dress was way too big on me! They said I was around a size 12!! The alterations department had me hopeful, talking about everything they could do to make it better.

The alterations ended up costing me $600! I thought it was absolutely ridiculous, but they are the experts! I went in a few times to try it, as it had to be hemmed, sash added, and brought in obviously, since it's too big. Also, straps added for support.

I went in to pick the dress up and I tell them this at the front desk, they put me in a room and I thought it was odd, since the previous times we were taken straight back to alterations. I assumed it was different since I was picking it up. The stylist came back and informs me that "she cannot find my dress." I started panicking at this time. She came back, and asks if its under any other name, I tell her no.

She left and came back again and says "it isn't back there!" I am upset and asked why they didn't have it, I had an appointment and was having it altered. She apologized and said "oh sorry you're in the wrong place" and walks us back to alterations. I finally get the dress and there were stains on it, one strap was 1/2 inch smaller than the other and the straps had a hole in the material! The strap also had mesh showing with no jewels, it looked incomplete.

I was livid that I spent $600 to be given trash! I pointed out everything, and they made me feel like I was just upset over nothing! They argued with me about the straps, said they were the same. One was too tight on my shoulder and the other was falling off!

They finally measured and told me that "yes, there is a difference," but that it can be fixed. As far as the strap goes, they could add some jewels over the mesh strap to hide the hole. I am also told that the mesh showing is "how the strap comes, and most brides don't have a problem with it!" I have to walk away at this point, because I am in shock that she just told me this! I am about to have a panic attack, I can't hold back tears, and I'm angry.

My maid of honor steps in and tells the seamstress that the quality of the work is unacceptable and not worth $600. Of course, she argues with my maid of honor saying that "they can assure us that it is quality work!" The work shows for itself in my opinion. We were told to come back in an hour and they would have everything fixed. Came back and at this point I'm emotionally and physically drained!

My appointment was at 12, it was going on 5 o'clock! The dress was given back to me and it was cleaner and the straps are the same now. I hurry up put it on and then changed to leave. I should have inspected it more, but I was tired and stressed.

I was relieved they fixed some of the issues, but still livid that I paid $600 for such terrible quality work. I got the dress home, and the straps were not sewed where they were supposed to be, they look crooked in the back and some of the jewels were falling off! I broke down at this point, not knowing what to do. At the same time, my package that I ordered from David's bridal's website came in, so I was excited and it distracted me from the whole dress ordeal.

I ordered toasting flutes and a cake and knife serving set. I opened the box and the flutes were fine, but the knife set had a misspelled word on It! I was seeing red and ready to call that company and yell at them. It should have said my name and my husbands to be.

Instead it said my name nand his name!!!! Nand????? Who is working at this company and why aren't they checking stuff before it goes out?? Of course, they are closed so all I can do is email them.

Monday comes and I called and wait for what feels like forever on hold, there were 10 callers ahead of me.. I finally get through and all they said is "oh, I'm sorry for that," they need pictures and then once received they can send it to whoever made them and have a new set to me. I asked if they would be here in time for my wedding, and all she said is "I will note your wedding date on the email I send." So, there is no guarantee that I will even get it in time!! I still haven't heard back about my dress, I called and called and emailed continuously since the day I picked the dress up, and no response or single call back.

So, I made the dreaded decision to buy another dress. I didn't know what to do and I wasn't taking it back because they don't know what they were doing and the manager informed me that "alterations are elective, so once altered they don't do returns exchanges or anything." By this time I cannot even look at the dress without crying. I can't wear it and I dont even feel the same way about it because of all the issues! All I can think about is how unhappy this dress is going to make me on one of the most important days of my life.

Fast forward and I get the New toasting set and it's correct and in time for the wedding, one thing out of many fixed! Today, David's bridal called me back in regards to the angry email I sent weeks ago about my ruined dress. All they said is I'm sorry over and over again! I explained that they have terrible customer service and that I spent a lot of money and ended up having to buy another dress.

Again, all she said is "I'm sorry." I am so angry because how could they take such a special day and ruin it and not care! I don't have the money to buy a dress again and have it altered, but I am left with no choice. All she kept saying is "I'm sorry" and to bring it back to the store so they can alter it. Why in the world would I ever step foot into a David's bridal ever again?

I explained that I live across town and I can't just take it up there, as I had to take off work for the other times I went. All she can say is "I'm sorry" and to bring it in so they can fix the alteration issues. I told her once again that I live across town and don't have the time or gas to be driving back and forth. Again, she said "I'm sorry." Her last words were "I'm sorry I bothered you today." I understand that there is probably very little she could do, but to act as though my experience doesn't matter, is complete disrespect!

I gave them a chance to fix it many times, and then they gave it to me dirty and ripped!! I will make sure everyone that I share my experience with as many people that will listen. I came to a conclusion, they are sorry! They are a sorry company that does not care about people at all and they shouldn't be in business!!

I don't think this company realizes that they are ruining what should be positive experiences. I have accepted that all I can do is cut my loses at this point.

My hope is that I can save brides from the *** I am still going through with them! Even if it's just one person.

Product or Service Mentioned: Davids Bridal Wedding Dress.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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And I really hope you filed a claim or complaint to the actual company! They NEED to know about this.


Wow, this is terrible! How can they be SO far off on your size???

I'm wondering if different brands of dresses run in different sizes maybe? Either way, the treatment you received was uncalled for.

Even if the stylists work on commission (I have no clue if they do), that manager could've been nice about it at least when talking to you! That would make me NEVER go back there again.

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