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I recently ordered a dress at David's Bridal. As far as the customer service goes I didn't expect any different since it is a knock off from designer place kinda like shopping at Walmart.

I ordered the dress in an 8 petite, I thought how great that would be to not have to get it altered. I was so excited when my dress came in!! I made an appointment to try it on and take it home. To make a long story short my dress ended up being an 8.

I find out it doesn't come in a petite. I'm confused how the sales associate missed that detail when entering the order in the computer. That was three days ago. I'm waiting for the story manager to call me back.

She call the day I was there around 5:30. I missed her call due to work. I called her back and she had left at 6pm. I called the next day and she was off.

How convinient! Now it 2pm the 3rd day and still no call. One of the other associates said they would probably hem it for nothing.

Well really well thats how I ordered it. Bottomline if you can't be great at your job like ordering the right size, color and length or *** just know your product your trying to sell then it's time to find a new career

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