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Horrible experience. I went to David's bridal to order a bridesmaid dress.

My friend's wedding is a bit rushed, so i was aware i might be cutting it close. I went into the Manhattan David's bridal location and found the perfect dress. the sales associate rang me up and assured me the dress would arrive by April 17. However, when I called to check on the arrival of the dress, they said it was never ordered and it had been rung up as "takesale", which means i took the dress with me the day of purchase.

I can not believe how careless David's Bridal was with a customer's purchase.

Now it's getting down to the wire and I may not have a dress for my friend's wedding. Horrible experience.

Review about: Davids Bridal Dress.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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exact same thing happened to us!!!!!


I am a manager at a davids and I have one employee who ALWAYS DOES THIS. I personally go through her sales each day to make sure things are rung up correctly.

A lot of the time I order a dress even if I'm pretty sure it was a takesale. Every employee should do better than this, and I am waiting to fire my ****up consultant.


Have stock in Davids Bridal Sally? Or are you the sales associate that made the *** error?


Hey Sally? Take yer head outta yer ***.

A sales associate gets PAID to pay attention to the fine details - A customer PAYS the sales associate to do so. I as a customer SHOULD NEVER have to dble check YOUR work like a school marm teaching 2nd graders.


How, am i supposed to know what take sale is? Plus, the slip of paper i have says "delivery date 4-17". and there's no need for name calling.

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #133412

It will help if you PAY ATTENTION when you purchase something. ***.

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