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I went to David's Bridal at the end of December to look for a dress. Fortunately I had made an appointment.

I told the consultant what I was looking for. (Something straight and simple.) I tried on about 15 dresses, all of which looked terrible on me. Finally my friend found something that looked decent. It wasn't perfect, but I was panicking since nothing looked good.

It had stains on it and the beads were loose, so I asked the consultant if I could get a "new" one from a different store. She left, then came back saying there were no more available. I decided to buy it. The consultant never told me that it was a "Final Sale." I was not excited.

I felt sort of unemotional about it. When I got home, I didn't even want to take it out of the bag - which by the way they actually charge you for!!! When I got home, I found the same dress on David's Bridal website. It was $500 cheaper and available in my size.

I immediately went back to the store and tried to return it. I was told they don't accept returns. The receipt does say "Final Sale," but this is something that should be told to purchasers BEFORE the dress is purchased. I then asked for store credit.

They refused to do that!!! At least they agreed to clean it and fix the damaged beading, but I will have to sell it at a consignment shop. I ended up going to another Bridal Boutique. I had a wonderful experience.

It was low pressure. Just about every dress the consultant brought to me looked great. The dresses were slightly more expensive, but they are much better quality - hence the better fit. I think David's sells cheap dresses that look terrible on everybody.

I actually fit into a size 8, as opposed to the 12's and 14's that David's was trying to put me in. The bad actually came with the dress as opposed to having to buy it (which is pathetic). I think David's is a total rip off. I can't believe they are still in business.

Once the sale is made, the customer service is awful.


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Follow up to this story: I took the dress back to be cleaned and have the beading repaired. It was supposed to be ready on January 17th.

I went to the store on the 18th, but there was mass confusion and no one had done anything to the dress. The salesperson got into a fight with the seamstress and I sat around for almost an hour before the sales person brought the dress out. It had been cleaned, but was still wrinkled and the beading hadn't been fixed. I asked to speak with the manager.

About 20 minutes later -- after I started ranting and raving in the store -- the manager came over and spoke to me. I told her I wanted my money back.

She asked for the receipt, which thankfully I had with me, and gave me a full refund -- They even refunded me the $10 for the bag! Thank goodness my ordeal is over!!!

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