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When I went to Davids Bridal to find a dress, I told the consultant that I was on a budget and only wanted to look at their dresses from $99 to $199. The consultant only brought me 2 dresses, both over $450.

The one I picked out, I absolutely loved, but it had a lipstick stain on the inside of the dress near the neckline. When asking about that, the consultant told me to bring the dress back at least 2 weeks before the wedding and they would clean it and check the beads for no charge. I left with my dress, paying $650 for it.

I made an appointment to come back to bring my maid of honor to find a dress, and also to take my dress for the cleaning. When we got there, I gave my dress to the lady in alterations for the cleaning.

She told me she would have to charge me to clean it and that it looked worn already. I informed her it was sold to me that way and she basically called me a liar. They didn't want to help me, after me telling them what the consultant told me. I had to threaten them to get every reporter I knew to come do a story on them before they finally decided to fix it.

I can't even believe that they sell dresses there with makeup stains on them, ripped seams, and missing beads to begin with, especially for that much money!

Even their shoes they sell were dirty, stained, or had toe imprints in them as if they had all been worn as well. Their sevice sucks and I will never go back!

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