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My daughter purchased her prom gown there today only to be checked out by a very rude lady! She was informed after she paid 203 dollars in cash for her gown that all sales are final!

Then her dress was placed in a generic clear plastic dress bag. The consultant was wonderful but the cashier was very rude and unpleasant. What a way to ruin happy shopping experience. Never again!

200 dollars is a lot of money. I think they need to evaluate their employees.

And the final sales policy needs to be disclosed before ringing up merchandise. Very dissatisfied customer.

Review about: Davids Bridal Dress.

Monetary Loss: $203.

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When I first made the appointment to get my dress I also set an appointment for my bridesmaids to get theirs. My attendant was great.

Her manager on the other hand was very rude and kept grabbing dresses I stated were out of my price range. After finding my dress we moved onto getting the bridesmaid dresses, which they had absolutely no help. My maid of honor was using one of their bras for the dress fitting and had issues which she expressed to the manager and she just ignored her. We all found dresses and the manager continued to try to push items that I clearly stated I did not want to buy.

I said countless times I had no decided on head pieces or jewelery.

When I went to pay for my gown the manager stated she I would take it home that day. I noted the beading needed to be repaired and she ignored me. My mother and going to be mother-in-law also stated this multiple times until she finally said she'd have them look at it. I would have my dress in a few days and they would call.

Not a problem. So I called 9 days later after not receiving any word, and they said it was done. I asked if I could come in to try it on and pick it up and she said any time would work. I wanted to take my flower girl in to try on dresses so it worked out well.

After arriving the same manager was there and I had asked to try on my dress. She said it would take a half hour to get in. Not a problem. We had my niece try on dresses and after 45 minutes I asked an attendant who was just organizing racks how much longer would it be.

She had no clue why I couldn't have tried it on right away and she took me back my alterations. A lady from alterations handed me my dress so I asked to try it on. It was great trying to get into a bridal gown with NO help. I had told her I didn't know if I could get into it and she walked away!

My gown is a corset style that is laced up all the way. My sister ended up coming in with 3 little ones trying to help me because no one was able to help.

No one even asked how it fit or how the beading ones. I have tried calling the corporate office to put in a complaint because they have absolutely no proper way of putting in a complaint!


I purchased a bridesmaid dress for $150 that they sized me for. When the dress came in, I got measured for alterations.

The dress was quite ill fitting and they charged $155 for the alterations. I was astounded that they were charging more for the alterations than the actual garment.

I also know they did a bad job sizing me since my weight did not change. I will never do business there again, nor do I recommend them to anyone.


I tell everyone not to go here. They suck!!!!

Worst experience ever!!!! Ans now i cant walk in the wedding because water is flooding my city, sure u seen it on the news in the south, and 2 workers both told me i could get my money back if i had my receipt. Well, i paid over the phone and they didnt tell me all sales are final and she told me they through my receipt away after i purchased it.???? The dresses arent even in yet, told me i could get a refund with receipt but they threw it away, then tells me no???

I dont need a *** store credit, we have 4 kids and he is out of work bc his job is flooded with water.

Do u think i want to mess this girls wedding up?

No, she is my best friend but we need to pay our rent and feed our childrem. No compassion for anyone, ashame!


Sorry for a couple of grammar errors in my previous comment. I was typing too fast.


The thing that bothers me about this entire transaction is that the mother is upset to hear that "All Sales are Final" after she has been rung up. Well, hear is my question...

if you felt uneasy about purchasing this gown, which I can bet you spent a lengthy amount of the consultants time choosing this gown, why did you go forward with the purchase? Not to mention, why would you WASTE a consultants time, where her time is MONEY as she does work on commission, only for you to want the window of "Returns" open? This to me is rude and unacceptable shopping ethics. As for the "generic" bag, keep it real, you did not just buy a super expensive gown with intricate beadwork that it required an incredibly durable garment bag.

I realizing working 2 jobs made purchasing the gown possible but I think you need to take it easy and not be so uptight with life. Remember, you will always get what you put forth. As for the "Boo Hoo" and your comment... well, all I can say is that 2 wrongs do not make a right even when you get pissed off.

Take the high road next time. Peace.


I purchased a bridesmaid dress from davids bridal. My initial visit was very pleasant the sales associate was very nice and helpful.

She even went so far as to find a dress (not the one I purchased) in the color I was to wear in the wedding. I was very pleased and when they called to let me know my dress was in the girl was again very nice on the phone. When I got there to pick my dress up it was different. I walked in and gave my receipt to an associate who went in the back to get my dress.

When she came back I asked if I van try it on she threw the dress at me and said "the fitting rooms are over there." And turned and walked away. No one came over to check on me or to help me zip it up!

So let me ask since I already purchased my dress it meant I was unworthy of getting anymore help!

Well I'm getting married next year and had they helped me I would have considered getting my dresses from there. But not now!


Sounds like the employee read my comment and got angry. Oh well, for the record *** my daughter is not spoiled.

I'm a single mother who worked 2 jobs to pay for her dress that she wanted.

But not so rude *** cashiers could treat her like she was bothering them! So up yours for calling me trash!


I had a very experience a Davids Bridal, too. I went in there looking for a wedding gown with my financee and the employee their talked to me like I was julia roberts from pretty woman.

She told me that to look at the dresses i would have to make an appt and to leave immediantly.

She was very rude. I bought a dress elsewhere.

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