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Davids Bridal without my consent or knowledge sold my name, address, phone #, cell phone number & email address to numrous vendors

My mailbox is overflow, my phone is ringing off the hook, and my cell phone is getting 3 to 4 calls a week from mary kay ladies, tux places, flower people

I highly recommend never going to Davids Bridal and if you absolutely have to go give them fake information

I wrote a letter to the corporation office and a rep called me and left I message. I returned her call 3 times and she didn't even bother to return my call.

I wrote a total of 3 letters to them and they ignored them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Davids Bridal Dress.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Same thing happened to me!! I keep getting emails from other parties and now even phone calls.

I am PISSED. Will never use David's Bridal, nor the 3rd parties they're selling to (Raymour and Flanigan is one). And the kicker?

I'm not even getting married! It was for a bridesmaid dress!

Mountain View, Arkansas, United States #654866

how hard is it to say...I'm sorry I'm not interested. Many of the vendors offer discounted deals exclusively for brides through David's Bridal..I don't get the big deal.

No is not a hard word easier than the effort type up all this on a website for a contract that clearly states it shares information.


I had a dress appointment with them to try on a few. Not only was my sales consultant completely terrible, but I specifically OPTED OUT on their sheet.

I am in online marketing for a living and it's against the law for them to sell personal information without a consumer's written consent. The number they received is my cell and also my work number. It's been ringing off the hook for three months, I got registered for things I have never heard before and my email box is insane with SPAM.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get on the website and file a formal complaint - if enough people fight back, they will lose their BBB Charter!


I plan on sueing David's Bridal. I checked the "opt out" box and they still sold my information! Depending on the state you live in you are protected by privacy laws.


David's Bridal does sell your information, through the Strategic Partnership Program.

Another common reference to the program is the David's Bridal Vendor Program.

Sabrina McGarrity is the director of the program.

1-800-823-2403 ext 6334



I had this same thing happened to me. The sales associate at David's Bridal was very pushy and pressured me to try on dresses and accessories I didn't like.

I did not like anything there and bought my wedding dress elsewhere,however, I am now getting calls from vendors AND the staff at David's Bridal. I was unaware that my information would be given out to third parties.

I did not see anything on the form I filled out about "giving me consent" was simply a form like what other bridal stores have you fill out to get info about your wedding and dress style. I am not happy my information was shared with people I did not want it to be shared with and now getting bombarded with nagging phone calls.


That is what my father always told me. No matter how long it took, READ WHAT YOU SIGN!

I have made people wait for 20 minutes or more while reading contracts before I put my signature on them because it is MY NAME, MY REPUTATION, MY INTEGRITY that will be brought into question should there be a problem.

My advice, don't be lazy and blame others for your mistake. Ask questions, listen to the answers and READ WHAT YOU SIGN.


Again, whether or not money changed hands for the info, IT still sux!!!


Hey Fine Print, glad you have the time in life to thoroughly peruse every single piece of legal-sized paper covered in 6-point font shoved in your face. Obviously David's staff isn't drawing as much attention to this "opt out" feature as they should be. And while the letter of the law is on thier side, this is the EPITOME of *** business/customer service practices.


Someone either intentionally gave them a "made up" number (which turned out to be mine) or they wrote the number down wrong. Upon the first call from the local store, I asked that my number be removed because I had not done business with them and did not want to be contacted by them or any 3rd party businesses again.


From that day forward I began receiving multiple calls AND text messages from not only 3rd party vendors, but also collection agencies looking for the person who gave David's Bridal my number. I have reported them to the BBB and sincerely hope they reconsider how they do their business practices.


I used to work for Davids's Bridal and when you fill out the registration form, there is a box (a small one) that if is not checked off, your info will be sent to diff wedding vendors


David's didn't actually sell your information. When you sign on with them they refer you to their associate companies.

In most of the contracts they warn you of this. Instead of contacting David's, you need to contact the other companies and tell them you are not interested.

to Fine Print #769749

They do sell them. I am a vendor and we are paying over $200 per store per month for the leads. Didnt realize all of this when signing up what we were getting into.

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