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I unfortunately made an appointment with David's Bridal on a Saturday fully knowing that it is their busiest day. I was expecting a crowd and noise, but I did not expect what I received. I made my appointment 6 weeks in advance for a party of 7. Bride (me), 4 bridesmaids, 1 flower girl and my mother. I requested then that their be plenty of room to assist us and was assurred that it would not be a problem.

2 weeks prior I called to confirm my appointment. Apparrently, they had not made arrangements for all of my party, so I requested that again. I was assurred again that it would not be a problem.

That Saturday arrived and I was told to wait on my consultant. When she arrived in the front to assist me, I was informed that I was luky enough to receive a dressing room because another consultant had gone to lunch. I was placed in a corner, without room to move and given 1 dressing room for 7 people. I was treated as a bother and left alone for more than 20 minutes at a time. We requested things to pull the dress together on multiple occassions and was never given one. I informed my consultant that I did not intend to spend more than x dollars on my dress and she consistantly pulled dresses out of my price range. It was so bad, that my sisters started pulling dresses for me.

I had researched their inventory online before I went in and printed out 4 dresses I wished to see. I was told one of them was unavailable (no other explanation was given) and that another no longer existed. I turned around to see one of those dresses on another bride. It was a complete disaster. Although I found quite possibly the most perfect 6 of 7 dresses there, I purchased nothing and I will not return. I just think everyone needs to be aware that the customer service that I received was just uncalled for.

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Do you actually think your the only bride with a large party??? Get over yourself.

You are told there is limited seating. Did u not believe them? Then u know uour scheduling on the busiest day of the weekand yet you sstill expect to be treated as thoigh your the only important party in the store. Your reading skills are also lacking.

All the dresses list if they are in store or online only or in selected stores only. If the dress is discontinued... yea the bride next to you might have the dress on.... and u didnt get one because there wasn't one in your size.

Don't get married. You are too immatture.


I use to work at David's Bridal. The pay there is minimum wage and we make the bulk of our money from commission.

We are told by managers that no matter what the brides budget is to try and upsell them. If a bride tells us she only has $300 to spend, management would still want us to put them in a couture gown, even if it's $1300! I would never do it because frankly, I would be pissed if someone did that to me and I fell in love with a dress way over my budget...Just be warned, you most likely will not have a good experience there, on lunch breaks in the back, us consultants would talk about how much we hated life just working at that place.

I actually loved the job when I started, until I saw how management was. The customer is a walking $ and nothing else.

Yucca Valley, California, United States #754498

Oh yea crock o sh!# the store cannot what is not possible. You wanted more time and space dont go on a saturday. You were warned and you ignored.


:cry This place is a Nightmare.It's bad enough these dresses are not cheap, then to be treated like your not important is horrible. I went to the location in Tampa Fl on Kennedy.

My best advise is find another place to shop, check the reviews before you go in. This place seems to treat there clients this way, Yet customer service doesn't care. I wish I would have read the reviews before I came in, I would have saved myself the headache. I wrote to customer service then tried to call them yet never got a response.

This is why ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Sad. My consultant was Diana G in Tampa, Fl...unless you wanted to be treated by a Rudely...ask for someone else...Better yet go to another place. When I mentioned it to her manager she pretended to care.

But the reviews on Sandra B isn't any better. I entered a we care survey and didn't get a response...Yeah, they care that you paid already....NEXT! (below is what I wrote to customer service and never got a response).

Hire better consultants. My consultant Diana G # 674989 didn't really listen to my wants and needs.

She kept belittling me because I was trying to stay within a price range. I went in there wanting to try out mermaid fitting dresses, which I never did...instead she kept bringing out dresses that was not what I had in mind, but according to her it was what I could afford. I told her I had chat with someone online before coming in and asked if they had a selection of mermaid dresses in my price range and they said yes. I feel like I had to buy whatever she showed me...I feel cheated because I never really got to try and compare a mermaid dress to the one she said I could afford.

It was horrible and i went their twice and felt like I was stuck with her.

Now I bought a dress which I can't take back. I'm sorry but I thought going to your store was gonna be a great experience and it was a nightmare and everyone I took with me thought the same of this lady, rude and impolite...she even lied to me about certain dresses as to size...ugh, horrible experience.

to Dalia Yucca Valley, California, United States #754497

Hey. Wedding dresses Are not cheap !

And if you set a low budget then you dont get to be picky when they bring the dresses in that price range. And im willing to bet thatnyour price range was so cheap that you felt *** because she couldn't find what you wanted and blamed it on the consultant who had no control over stock and prices. Wake up... you dont know what wedding dresses cost so that the consultants fault.

Yep. That smart.


I agree! I was treated as a bother and left alone in a dress I hated for about 20 min, standing in front of everyone.

She said she would give me time to think about it, she said she knew I would grow to like it. I told her the secound I put it on I wanted it off but she made me go out in front of everyone. Talk about pressure sales!!! The girls are rude and it was the worst experience ever!

I went to Gracies bridal after, and had an amazing experience that every bride should have. They are the first place I should have gone to!

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