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My daughter tried on a wedding dress at Davids Bridal and it fit like a glove; no alterations would have been required. She ordered the same size dress.

When it came in, it did not fit the same. David's Bridal said alterations would run $200 - $300. No refunds or exchanges allowed. Nice racket - ordered dresses come poorly made so that expensive alterations will be necessary.

A wedding is supposed to be the highlight of a young lady's life.

We will not let Davids Bridal's scam change that. Nor will we ever do business again with Davids Bridal.

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Port Orange, Florida, United States #1243094

I made a terrible mistake. I should have looked on-line first.

I went to Davids Bridal, reluctantly, found a dress that fit like a glove. It had makeup stains all over it. So they ordered me a new one. It was a very expensive dress.

The new dress fits terribly, and I am having to pay for alterations.

I am now not able to return it, so I am probably going to get another dress elsewhere. Really hate the whole wedding industry!


Wedding two days away and the flower girl doesn't have a dress.... terrible service, don't have an answer every day a different story!!!

NEVER will buy from them!!!


You get what you pay for.....


I've ordered 3 bridemaids dresses from David's Bridal this year for approaching weddings.. all 3 have come in bigger than the one I tried on in the store, and unlike the wedding dresses you can't purchase the bridemaid dresses in store, because they never have the correct color on the rack that you need.

It's a shame when you have to consider getting a bigger size when the one in the store is snug, and then when you purchase size, it comes in almost a whole size bigger. NO ONE told me that it would come in different than the rack.. and the dresses for the bridemaids are already overprices for what they are anyways.

All I can really say is THANK GOD I didn't buy the bigger size, I'll just have to bare with pulling it up all night long, because I'm not spending another cent for alterations.

to Bridemaid#3 Yucca Valley, California, United States #754521

Then your not a very bright bulb. Why woukd clothing in a bridal store be different than clothing at any other store.

Each piece if clothing will have different fits.


Most of David's Bridal dresses have to be ordered since the ones in the store have makeup stains or are dirty and the workers just don't care. I went to David's Bridal once and I don't think I'll be going back.


Why do consumers walking into a Davids Bridal, which is an off the rack store, think they cannot purchase the dress that is the "perfect fit" I want a new one. Well guess what folks as I said before the concept of Davids Bridal is off the rack, if they order you one it comes from another store....If you shop at Macy's and try on a $300.00 dress you don't ask to have a "new" one ordered. It's a shame consumers don't do a little more research before they spend there money!!


When a dress fits like a it! Don't take a chance of ordering..i work retail and understand that the same size in the same pant may be slightly different. I have bought skirts in the same style but different color and have had to have only 1 altered


i am surprised your consultant didn't tell you that ordered dresses run differently then the ones in consultant told me that there is a 1/4 of an inch allotment per dress. i had the same thing happen my dress fit perfectly in store...and thats why i bought it in store b/c i didn't wanna take the chance of having to pay for alterations just for a new gown...when they cleaned and restored mine that i took off the rack...

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