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I went to Davids Bridal in april '12 and i thought everything went wonderful i took a list of dresses i wanted to try on and those are the dresses she brought and even though im plus size every dress she brought me fit anyways i picked my dress i fell in love and i have my mom, mother in law, matron of honor, and bridesmaid with me that day. at the counter the total of everything including blusher, head piece, etc came to a little over 1000.00 and i was told you can put it on layaway and make payments ALSO that once the dress came in they would store it until 10 weeks before the wedding which is when we would do alterations GREAT because im not getting married until aug '13 SO its june and i get a phone call from davids bridal keep in mind were making payments on the dress if not every week every other just about 50.00 at a time and my consultant calls and tells me on june 4th that i have until june 21 to pay off the dress completly AND pick it up soo basically i have 17 days to come up 750.00 and make the hour trip to go get the dress i was never told that there was a "deadline" of paying off the dress and i was told i would not have to take it home so early im so upset thats so much money to come up with in such a short amount of time and i feel like everyone that day just lied to me to get me to buy the dress. Im going to call them and complain but i know its not going to do any good!

Review about: Davids Bridal Dress.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I hate David's as much as everyone else and trust me they will never be getting my business, i can't wait to find a new job and quit this awful one. BUT I do know it is clearly stated on your layaway/special order reserve receipt that you MUST payoff by a certain deadline, and the deadline date is clearly printed there.

I always highlight mine and make sure my customers understand the agreement. While your consultant should not have blatantly lied, you could have caught them a little earlier had you read your receipt, the one you SIGNED that you agreed to.


Did you get the layaway folder? Did you read the terms and conditions?

Did you ask how it actually worked. Did you pay attention when they were giving you the terms and conditions? Usually the bride stands there and goes yes yes yes.

And doesn't know what they are saying yes too when they are just focused on THEIR dress. BTW, no where else can you put a dress on layaway when you don't have the money to buy a dress.

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