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Typed this and sent to facebook messanger on 10/31/16 because the David's Bridal corporate phone number goes to voicemail and the email is generic. After about 4 days, a generic answer responded to my message and still no corporate email and number. David's Bridal is slimmy and does not care about their customers. I am just a paycheck. Unfortunately, women will always want to get married, so the company probably does not care. Here is my letter, which I am also about to mail:


I first would like to start by stating that I am speaking for myself and my sister who is a new bride. Second, I would like to state that she loved her wedding dress and I loved my maid of honor dress. The women who assisted us in your David’s Bridal Freehold, NJ store where pleasant, patient and helped her find the perfect gown for her wedding day.

The positives end there. The problem we are both having is with the signup process and fees we are accumulating from the David’s Bridal Comenity Credit Card. Recently, we both looked at our statements and saw that an enormous amount of fees were added to our bills. We were inclined to review our statements in detail when we both noticed our bill totals went back up to the starting amounts, leaving us at square one. What we are also upset about is the fact that we were mislead at the store level about what this credit card really entailed, that customer service told us we were signed up for a six month deferment plan (unknowingly), and that there are so many fees on top of fees and fees that started even during this so called deferment period we are paying a large amount of money back.

My phone conversation with a representative and supervisor:

I spoke to a very nice man who tried his best, but we ultimately were talking in circles. I wanted to know what all these fees were and he told me I was signed up for a 6 month deferment plan and that monthly penalties would arise if I did not pay my bill in full before the 6 month period was up. Because the 6 months have passed I will continue to get fees if I cannot pay more than the minimum and that each period I have a specific amount I absolutely have to pay or I will get additional fees. (What is the point of a minimum when I am being capitalized at every turn?) I also asked him four times what the random $2.00 fee was each month and he said it was interest, which makes no sense. I asked what the promotional revolving charge of $194.79 charge was and he said because my deferment period was up. I asked why I have a finance charge of $42.07 in October and a $42.07 promo financial charge ADJ in September and he said I only got charged once and that September was a warning. That makes no sense to me either. He then went out of his way stating people should be reading their statements in detail. Why add other people to our conversation if this is not a reoccurring issue he has with other customers? I along with others should not be mislead at the checkout counter. I then asked for a supervisor who seemed like the sweetest but most timid person. It was as if she had this conversation daily as well and was reading from a script. She refunded me $40, which was nice of her but I still canceled my card. Both of them said that customers need to read the fine print on page 4 which again, seems like a tell tale sign that we are not the only people that are mislead into this credit card program.

My sisters phone conversation with a representative and a supervisor:

The representation and supervisor she spoke to were nasty. The supervisor kept repeating to her that “he wasn’t the one who signed her up for the credit card.” Which again leads me to believe that he silently agreed that our signups where wrong and he was annoyed he had to deal with the mess. Obviously he didn't sign her up, but unfortunately if the store level causes customer issues it is his job to be pleasant and try his best to alleviate the situation. He provided no comfort where at least the people I spoke to kept apologizing that this happened and acknowledged that the associates where not honest with me. Yes, both of the people I spoke to agreed it was wrong we were not told the details of the card. My sister did not get any kind of refund and was told to not compare the credit card with other credit cards. That is probably because when a person does, they realize what a spiral scam they have gotten into. She was also told if she doesn't pay off her fees monthly she would be charged an addition $222. What is also ridiculous is that she was initially paying through the mail and mailing out her check two weeks in advance, but was getting late fees because the check wasn’t reaching the company in time. Why is she being penalized for the postal service taking half a month to send a payment? She then was told to pay by phone, but that adds a hefty fee that if I recall is over $10.00. Also, my sister asked the same question as me, why is she getting a random $2.00 monthly fee and was given a different answer. She was told it was a fee for not using the card monthly on purchases… How often does anyone expect a person to shop at a bridal store? She also canceled her card.

This issue right now is not being told upfront exactly all of the repercussions of having this card and all of the money we are expected to pay. Are the associates pressured to meet a quota and therefore do not tell people all of the details? Are associates worried that by telling customers the truth they will lose signups? At least it is ethical to tell people that a minimum payment is not enough and they have 6 months to pay a huge bill before getting stuck in a cycle of interest a capitalization. The mother of the bride and another bridesmaid was there upon the signup of both credit cards and non of them remember being told we basically had 6 months to pay the bill before this mess starts.

The signup process for us both:

We handed over our drivers licenses, where told our credit limits, were signed up for a card each, then charged for our purchases and told to pay the minimum on time to avoid late fees... We asked, is that really all, and with an answer of yes it was done. Why then is it my responsibility to read the 5pt font on page 4 AFTER an associate completes my signup and purchase. By that point, I am already stuck with the bill and vital information was left out. Shouldn’t a customer be told before sign up the program that they are being signed up for incase it is an obligations they are unable to fulfill? When we asked questions and the associate says it’s as easy and signing up and paying a minimum, does it then seem reasonable for a customer to dig around? A customer should not be told it is okay to pay the minimum when really it is not and should be told about the deferment period. I understand how interest works. We both have other credit cards and student loans but in no way shape or form where mislead of misinformed in our signups with those responsibilities. They are actually a cakewalk compared to the David’s Bride card because those companies did not lie to us and instead where realistic and honest.

Of course a person ends up paying more in the long run if they pay the minimum but be honest about it, don’t add more fees on top of interest, tell customers after the fact there are different areas to pay to keep penalties down, etc etc. We are both back to where we started and where told that if we don’t pay a specific amount in a certain time period we would continue to accumulate these fees. Why is there even a minimum? We also were told we should call to pay by phone so we can direct our payments towards specific fees we need to focus on. Again, paying by phone adds another ridiculous fee. We are both stuck in a circle of payments and fees, payments and fees. Now there is an upset bride who literally is paying double or probably triple of what her dress was. She might as well have charged the dress one of her regular credit cards and would have avoided this mess.

My sister and I are both managers. We do not sign people up for a credit card without informing them of everything they are getting into. No one should make it appear like signup is a smooth process just to meet a quota. In total, we spoke to 4 people and all of them said we should be reading the fine print of our statements. Obviously we do if once the 6 month period ended we see our bills skyrocket back up. And if four people felt the need to tell us they have to read the fine print maybe an employer should mention it upon signup and maybe this is an issue that is happening too often to others.

What is also ironic about us being in a 6 month deferment program is that she was getting fees as early as March, but associated it with late fees for the postal office taking half a month to get her check through the mail. This credit card is so uncomfortable that a person has to dig through every piece of information because it is so untrustworthy. I also never received my credit card and never got paper notifications in the mail. The woman on the phone said it was postal problems.

To talk about fees, my sister's dress was roughly $1,250. Some of the fees she has acquired during and after this so called deferment period was:

$106.95: promotional to revolving (this was in march, during the so called deferment period)

$71.95 promotional to revolving

$1156.85: promotional to revolving

$2.49 finance charge

$17.23 finance charge

$222.93 finance charge

$17.23 promo financial charge ADJ

$2.00 minimum charge

$222.93 promotional to revolving charge ADJ

$2.00 minimum charge

$2.45 finance charge

These alone total $1,713.61 and are charges accumulated in only a one month span. As you can see, I am more upset for her. She just got married and is having to deal with this. There are so many fees, I can’t even wrap my head around it. All the people I have showed our statements to are angered and disgusted as well. When discussing this with our parents, the other bridesmaids and friends, they can't wrap their heads around this either. Everyone feels scammed and mislead. We are both not totally at fault for not deciphering the credit card program or analyzing our bills in detail. The program needs to be explained in full, before a card signup. This credit card is the most confusing thing I ever signed up for.

Overall, we feel capitalized on for the fact that store level staff left out serious details pertaining to the credit card and that customer representatives where either robot like, rude, or answering the same questions with different answers.

Hopefully someone reads all of this and hoping for some kind of customer resolution. This also seems to be the only way I can fully explain what is going on. There is no email anywhere online to contact a person from corporate, or anyone for that matter. The only email I find directs me to a generic section of the site. In my hunt of trying to find someone to communicate with, I saw way too many complaints about the company and customer service issues and am hoping it does not continue to rub off. I also did not call because it it way to much to talk about, and I keep reading that I would be stuck with an automated message.

I guess at this point I want to know what is going to be done for us, mainly her because she is an upset bride who is trying to figure out what to do at this point.

How is this going to be taken care of at the store level? At the customer service level?

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Davids Bridal. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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