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We purchased 6 dresses from Davids Bridal in Ann Arbor, MI for a wedding. What a huge mistake!!!

The customer service was okay when we were trying on and looking at different dresses. We had to keep calling the sales people back over to help us. Once the dresses were purchased the service greatly declined!!

I have never been to a store with such bad customer service! When we picked the dresses up in October, we were told not to make alteration appointments until the end of April. We were also told that if the dresses needed to be exchanged for a different size then we had up until the day before the wedding to exchange them at no extra cost, as long as they were not altered.

Well we called the last week of April, as suggested, and they were already booked up and had to squeeze us in two weeks before the wedding. Then the sales people told us we were supposed to have called two months before the wedding. Who is training these people so they can all try to be on the same page here.

One of the brides maids needed to exchange her dress for a larger size, so she tried to exchange it a month before the wedding. They told her that she would have to pay a $45 express shipping cost because she waited a month before the wedding.

And she would also have to pay an express alteration fee because the dress wouldn't be in until the week of the wedding. What happened to no extra cost, no problem, can exchange up until the day before the wedding?

We went to pick the dresses up from alterations today and none of them had been steam pressed as promised. Also the brides dress was not altered properly, the bustle looked terrible. One of the brides maids dresses was not altered properly.

There is only 4 days before the wedding and now we have to hope they can get everything fixed in time! I have never had this much trouble with a store and such rude employees.

The bride is so upset over all the problems, she cried. This should have been a happy experience for her and it turned out terrible.

We will never go to Davids Bridal again and I am spreading the word to everyone so this store does not ruin another brides beautiful day!

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The dresses get altered and then a quick steam. The dresses were full of wrinkles when we tried to pick them up. None of the dresses left the store until final pick up.

To finish the rest of the story.....after finally getting all the dresses back, it was wedding day. The bride had on her dress in the church waiting, we went to put the bustle up and all of the stiching and hooks were now gone! We called the store immediatly and they sent someone out to "fix it". The woman they sent out had no supplies what so ever with her. She spent most of the time on the phone with the store trying to figure out how to fix the bustle. The store employee said that she could see where the snaps used to be from alterations and wasn't sure why they removed them. She managed to find a needle and some string in her purse. She made a quick fix to the dress and then left.

By the end of the night the dress was now black because it wasn't properly bustled up and had to drag on the floor.

The bride did complain enough that the store paid for all the dry cleaning bills.

As far as the comment above, I think you need to either get an education or use spell check.


Fisrt of all, i am so sorry about poor customers services.sometimes. i always said, its not the employes faults.

its the managers .if they know how to manage, all the consultants should know what to do./say/.if no good managers.workers don't care.and sometimes.costumers is not always right.when u guys comes in to order,they always tells u, sometime it takes 2 to 4 months thats why u need to order now. so why u think, just a month or few weeks before the wedding, they still can exchange color or sizez? and when they said, u need to book now for alteration.just to save the date and time in the not like you have to pay to be in the book.and when they said.

we connot steam or press after someone else alterd the dresses.doesnt mean,u have right to get mad when u try to bring it in to press and tells u, they can't and another.when they tells u to bring 2 weeks before the wedding if u wish to spot press.they have reason for that.u are not the only 1 needed for steam a pressing.and they don't do sameday service. they are not a dry cleaners.


1) always have a copy of their policies in writing, not all employees know everything (even if they think they do)

2) If you are told to come in later, make the appointment now! That way you don't have to worry about last minute squeezes, you're already in.

3) Paying for the shipping isn't paying for the dress. Be sure to clarify

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