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Ok, so I'm a guy trying to help out my fiance with some wedding stuff - shopping for shoes for a nine-year-old girl. We went in to David's Bridal, 1286 Worcester St, Natick, MA.

There were four sales ladies standing at the front desk when we entered. Upon telling them what we needed, they pointed over to the corner and said "the shoes are over there." We paused, waiting for one of them to lead us over. They looked at us and again pointed to the corner telling us that "the shoes are there, someone will be there soon." We waited about 15 minutes, meanwhile the sales people still stood around the front desk, chatting and laughing. In the meantime we noticed that a few other customers wondered in and were immediately helped.

It is important to note that the "corner" we were sent to was no more than 10 feet away from the front desk. They could see us the entire time. So, there being two chairs in front of the desk, I went over and pulled one of them out and placed it in front of the main entryway, in plain sight of these four sales people. A manager came up from the back of the store and put the chair back after a few minutes.

A minute later, I did it again. Again, in plain sight of the now 5 people standing at the front desk. Another manager came up and moved the chair back. By this time there are now 6 people standing around the desk.

I sidled over and again moved the chair. This time, the first manager looked at me and asked if I had a problem with the chair. I said no, no problem with the chair, but that I did have a problem with at least four people more concerned about a chair than a waiting customer. The girl at the front desk, then picks up the phone and asks for yet another person to come up and assist us.

Ummm, what about any one of the 6 people standing at the desk by now??? I fear the incompetence of the sales force these days. Was this all because I am a man in a bridal store? Would a woman have been treated better??

I refuse to go back and urge anyone else to never set foot in that store.

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hm not really sure what Nerdlingers problem is, but sorry you had this experience honey. trust me it's very frustrating working for david's because EACH ONE is exactly the same, the managers sit at the front desk and chit chat, and anyone on their favorite's list can do the same, but the minute a customer needs help, they call someone they don't like and put the work on them. so one consultant who happens to not be a kiss-*** ends up with four customers to help at once (basically not able to help ANY of them because she is running back and forth so much) while the manger's pets sit around and gossip.

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