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My name is Katie and I shopped at the Davids Bridal in North Attleboro. I have never been so disgusted with customer service in my life.

I made an appointment over the phone. Once I got there I was instantly disappointed. They hadn't booked my appointment and so they stuck me with a consultant who was very busy. Not only was she in a rush but she was more of the "pushy salesman" type rather than the helpful person I was expecting.

I was so overwhelmed that I left without a dress but had two in mind that I was very fond of. I went ahead and shopped at a couple of other bridal shops and had MUCH better experiences, however, I kept thinking about the two dresses I loved at DB so I made a second appointment. I chose my dress that day with both my bridal consultant and the alterations women had reassured me for the SECOND time that alterations would be around $100, knowing my concern for the costs. So once my dress had been ordered I went in to try it on once again (paid in full already) and to get my alterations done.

To my surprise the alterations cost was more than DOUBLE what they had quoted me, So I had a manager speak with me and not only was she not understanding, she had accused me of being wrong and had told me that they have a strict price that they stand by no matter how little or how much a dress needed to be taken in. The manager went on to say that the alterations women has worked there for years and that she would not have quoted me a wrong price. The manager tried pushing me to take the dress home with me (knowing that it would be non refundable if I took it with me). The manager and staff let me walk out of there that day with tears in my eyes, with no solution.

I finally turned to corporate for help, just to find that they were just as unhelpful as the managers. The women in charge of their customer service issues was yelling at me and eventually I started yelling back. She assured me that she would call me back that following Monday after speaking to the district manager (why someone at corporate would have to speak with someone below their abilities I'm not sure). Monday came and gone, never got a call.

So I called her back (Tuesday) and she said that they were not able to help me, she also told me that they would no longer make any alterations to my dress at all for me! She went on to advise me to return the dress and start my dress search all over again.

Now here I am, a couple months before my wedding, left a horrible experience and no wedding dress. I have worked in sales for over 8 years and I am so disgusted with the customer service that I would recommend for any bride to go elsewhere to get the great experience they deserve!

Review about: Davids Bridal Dress.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Stories have 3 sides. Davids side, the Brides Side and then the truth!.

You are not buying a dress from a boutique you are dealing with a corporation has very strict rules concerning their managers limits to satisfy. If you can afford more for a dress go to a boutique.

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