Columbus, Wisconsin

I went shopping for my wedding dress with my Mom, step-daughter, maid of honor and sister in law at davids bridal in Madison Wisconsin...I tried on three dresses and fell in love with the third mom and I wanted to try on a few more but the consultant said to my mom "what do you want a fashion show?!" My Mom CRIED! My consultant and the manager...two horriable employees of Davids Bridal.

They screwed up my bridsmaids dresses and refused refunding my sister inlaw her shipping which CORPORATE told her to do...this to me is a HORRIBLE store, the people that work there are RUDE, and only care about making money.

I would never spend or suggest anyone go to Madison Wisconsin's Davids Bridal for their wedding shopping needs, cuz they SUCK!! Sincerely,

One Pissed off Customer

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Mimi, I think the ONLY thing with holes in it is your head. I can respect you wanting to defend your company assuming you and your crew are stellar and do everything you possibley can to make each person's experience the most memorable and best possible.

But your nasty little attitude on half of your comments show that you have no concept of what true customer service is. The last one where you said it's a budget place and if you want a certain type of service she should spend more at a boutique was outrageous! If I can afford to spend 1000.00 vs 10,000.00 on my dress for the biggest day of my life, I have every right to a great experience regardless of the money spent.

You are the snob. Thank you, I had to vent.


again something is missing from this story.

and yes, corporations are there to make money, duh.

Consultants are commissioned, and there to earn a living. Hello, no one shows up for free. There is more to this.

3 dresses and she says, what you want a fashion show. My guess, is someone was making a joke and someone had no sense of humor or it went over their head.

to mimicorner Madison, Wisconsin, United States #772326

Your attitude is outrageous. Was going to bring my daughter later today to look at wedding and bridesmaid dresses, but not after reading your reply to an unhappy customer. Thanks, registry, for sparing us from this shop and miserable employees.


I think there is alot missing from this story. kinda full of holes.

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