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I unfortunately knew nothing about David's bridal before going there for a wedding dress. I managed to find a dress that I liked, but just like every other dress the consultant brought to me, it was too big, so they had to order one for me.

No problem, I thought. In the two weeks that followed, I read nothing but horror story after horror story about David's bridal. I tried not to think about it, but I started getting a little nervous. Well, today I went in to pick up my dress.

I asked to try it on before leaving the store to make sure all was well. For one thing, it was still too big. But for another thing, it smelled AWFUL. It smelled like it had been sitting in a puddle of water in a basement for a year.

My mother in law got the store manager, who shrugged it off. She didnt even apologize. She just said, "yeah, sometimes they get wet in shipment". She didn't mention ordering another dress until my mother in law said "we will never get the smell out of this dress.

We need a new one." and that was true. I am no bride zilla here. I shouldn't have to get my wedding dress cleaned before I even wear it when I bought it brand new. But the smell was not subtle, it was very strong.

Now I'm waiting on my second dress, and I'm trying to think positive but I'm just wondering what is going to go wrong next? Literally got better customer service in the shoe dept at jc penny tonight than we did in David's bridal. They treated us like *** and I was very nice about the whole thing, not bitchy at all with them.

It isn't right. If everything goes well with my second dress order, I will make sure to add to this complaint that everything was fine in the end.

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Thank you everyone for sharing your horrible experiences with David’s Bridal. I did purchase a dress (which I love) from their Winnipeg store but after reading these posts, I will be going elsewhere for bridesmaid’s dresses and alterations.

Customer service was ok, I guess but not to the level of service I would expect when making such an important and expensive purchase.

Also, who charges 10 dollars for a garment bag??? That is just tacky.

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