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I paid for a bra and slip to go with my wedding dress, but they didn't have my size, so they said they'd order it. Both were supposed to be in today, but now they tell me my slip will take another 3 weeks to ship.

My wedding is coming up in a month, so needless to say I am very disappointed and angry that I have another thing to stress out over.

What an unprofessional way to conduct a business.

I don't recommend anyone planning a quick, simple, easy wedding to use David's Bridal for their dress and accessories.

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Its the stores fault if they made the error. And since someone/somewhere made the error, its insane that this girl had to wait 3 more weeks for a shipment that may or may not arrive. If Davids Bridal was interested in customer service (you know, the art of doing right by the customer?) they would have offered a much quicker ship date, then they should have been in contact with the Customer about the status of that shipment.


the bra and the slip can be on different order times and come in at different times. David's shouldn't have giving you an arrival time less thin 6weeks but some times I've seen it go all the way up to 12 wks. It can come in before that but it's not a guarantee.


I work in retail, and i know how sometimes things get delayed. Trucks may not make it in time, orders may not go through, computer errors may occur....And so forth.

Basically it isn't really that stores fault that the expected arrival date did not come through. The best way to avoid this, for anyone reading, is to be sure of the return policy so that you can pick up a bra elsewhere if you have to (though I recommend using the one DB has to work with the dress).

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