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I went to David's Bridal for the first time two years ago, when my now sister-in-law was getting married to my brother. The bride and four bridesmaids went to the store to look for bridesmaids dresses. We made an appointment for all four of us but somehow my cousin and I were shoved into the same dressing room. The sales staff was very rude and insisted that I get a dress that was literally two sizes too big for me and just get it altered-why on earth would I do that? I think the best thing to do would be to get the size that fits! It made no sense to me. Anyways, my sister-in-law was in like with a bridesmaids dress for us but still wanted to look around. The second the consultant heard that, she flat out lied to my sister-in-law and told her the dress she liked was about to be discontinued! It makes me mad to this day because it was a brand new style for Spring 2010 (we didn't want to bring this up to the bride because it's her choice and if that's what she wanted, then that's what were going to get). The dress, to this day, two years later, is still being sold at David's Bridal! It just bothered me that she actually told her "I'd order them now because this style is going to be discontinued this season".

Anyways, now that I'm getting married, I wasn't really keen on going to David's Bridal for the poor customer service experience I already had and also because I find it difficult to find the style I'm looking for (short and fun!). Well I got to the store at my appointment time with two of my bridesmaids and had to wait about five minutes before being introduced to my consultant. I told her exactly what dress I wanted to try on (because there was one on the website I was eyeing up) and told her I wanted NOTHING LONG; only something short! I knew that it would be a quick trip because they only had a handful of short dresses. Well I was standing in the first dress just outside my dressing room while the consultant was showing me some options in their catalog when the store manager marched right up with another bride and said "I want to introduce you to so and so and her bridesmaid..." and I'm standing there thinking "well then she can wait!". I had to wait so what makes this bride more special than me that she gets to walk right in on MY appointment while my consultant was literally in the middle of a sentence. I thought "jeesh, that was rude, especially coming from the manager". Well that wasn't the end of it, my consultant immediately walked away from me and I was left just standing there in the dress and was like "ok, is she coming back with some other dresses or what?". After a few minutes, I decided to get dressed and look around the store with my bridesmaids and my mother. The consultant was not seen for at least 20 minutes, (meanwhile, I'm just carrying around the dress I had tried on because I didn't know what to do with it) when I finally did see her, I assumed she was coming to find me to give me more dresses she found but no, she was getting an armful of dresses to bring to her impatient bride that the manager had brought over. She didn't say a word to me! No "gee, where'd you? Di you want to try these other styles on?"-nothing! I was outraged! I had tried on ONE DRESS, my bridesmaids had tried on NONE, meanwhile the other girl who came in was getting waited on hand and foot! I left the store, soooo annoyed and then realized I should have complained to the manager. When I get exceptionally good service someplace, I like to commend the staff on that but the same goes for bad service! I called the store and explained the situation to a very nice girl over the phone who said she would have the manager call me back. The manager actually cut me off when I was explaining what happened and said "well I'm sorry about that, call me back if there's something I can do". I suspect she was so quick to get off the phone with me because SHE was the one who interrupted my appointment with another bride.

I completely understand that I'm not the only one in the world and that the consultant has more than one appointment going on at the same time but like I got NO ATTENTION! I was left completely ALONE while the other appointment got all the attention! I'm sure that "boycotting" and not getting dresses for myself and my bridal party from David's Bridal is not going to make a difference to company but I cannot believe I was treated so rudely! Getting married is a happy time and something girls dream of all their lives and when the time comes, it is OUR time to get special treatment and be treated like a princess and this did not happen with either of my trips to David's Bridal!

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