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I would like to clarify that in 2011, I wasn\'t attempting to return the dress, just the long-line bra, petticoat, veil and headpiece that I notice they\'re still selling in-stores.

Additionally, for those of you naysayers who think that I should have kept trying even after trying for three months, when was the last time you went to Dillard\'s or some other big-box retailer and had to beg, plead and cry for three months for a refund? That\'s what I thought. Try going through what I went through and see how long you\'d have the strength to keep fighting it.

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Boy, do I have a story for anyone who is considering buying ANYTHING from David's Bridal.

In October of 2003, I purchased a wedding gown, veil and accessories from David's Bridal in Tyler, Texas. Five weeks later, my fiance died. Devastated, I attempted to return my merchandise at the local store, explaining what happened. The ladies there were very nice, and explained to me that they'd have to get the OK from corporate to return the stuff. I tried for THREE MONTHS to get an answer from someone at the store. I called. I went in, always sobbing, as I was in a fragile emotional state of mind at the time. I even provided a copy of my fiance's death certificate. STILL nothing. After three months of being put off and put off, I gave up.

Fast forward 7.5 years later. I finally found the man of my dreams and we're getting married. I went in to the same location, hopefully inquiring that SOMETHING could be returned. I was told, "Oh no...we would've returned it back then, but I don't know about now." After trying again for another 3 weeks, I finally spoke with the location manager who said something to the effect, "I don't understand why we didn't help you back then, but there's nothing we can do about it now, but golly gee, we're so happy for you for getting married!" I eventually spoke with a Bonnie Wayne at corporate who was very derisive in tone and condescending when she told me, "Ma'am, we are THE PREMIUM wedding retailer in the world, what kind of integrity would we have if we put your merchandise back on the rack that has been in your possession for 8 years? We are a premium retailer, NOT a resale shop!" I assured her that everything was either still sealed in the original plastic or still had tags on it. She even had the audacity to suggest that even though I tried for three months to return the dress and accessories, that maybe I should have tried harder or tried even longer.

I told her that as an area-level Loss Prevention coordinator for a major retailer, my company would have been mortified to know that we treated a customer so abominably and offered either a free gift card or SOMETHING, to which Ms. Wayne scoffed and said, "After eight years, there's nothing we can do." I said, "Even after you know I tried to return the merchandise for THREE MONTHS at the time and even though I can attest that there is an associate in that same location who remembers me going up there?" Ms. Wayne had no answer. I then told her I would do everything in my power to prevent everyone I know from shopping there ever again and if I had to shout it from the rooftops, I'd make sure that even though I knew I couldn't shut them down, I'd do my darned best to put a dent in their local business.

Let understand this, Ms. Wayne: You're the "premium" bridal company in the world, and it's going to kill you to accept all my merchandise back (that cost me $900 at the time) in exchange for one measly veil? Or maybe since what y'all did was basically accept blood money, at least have some shame and give me a gift card to tell me how sorry you are. It's going to shut DB down to do just one small token of good will? WOW.

I will NEVER EVER EVER set foot in a DB for the rest of my life.

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I'll never shop there again after hearing that story :x


:x that is really messed up


Let me explain something to you people who didn't read the complaint thoroughly:

I didn't say I was attempting to return the dress (they told me "no", and I understood)...I was attempting to return the accessories: veil, long-line bra, petticoat THAT THEY STILL SELL in the stores. Never opened, in perfect condition.

I think what you people fail to realize is that not only did DB fail me back in 2004, they failed me in 2011 by not even attempting to make their wrong right.


You have got to be kidding me. As much as I hate David's Bridal, even I draw the line on this one.

First off, dresses go out of style within a year (or less) and with today's young brides looking for the latest hottest thing, why on earth would they accept your EIGHT year old dress? You are out of your mind! Thinking you are entitled to any sort of compensation or return credit for a dress that old and then badmouthing a store for not honoring it is petty and selfish.

Anyone in your family could have helped you fight this battle the first time around and gotten you what you needed. Eight years ago you should have been badmouthing them - THAT would make sense!


You have got to be kidd'n! What kind of person dares to return something after 8 years.

This is what I consider to be abusive of retailers take personal accountability.

If it was so important at the time time you should have made a better effort to resolve that issue. Shame on you

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