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I arrived for my 12:00 p.m. appt to find a wedding dress, specifically one I had found online.

My maid of honor was with me. We were so excited for this day! We walked in the door and stood at the desk about 5 minutes while employees looked at us and ignored us. Finally, a manager came and asked me to fill out a worksheet asking questions regarding our wedding size, etc.

While I was speaking to her she walked away. She got on the phone at another counter. About 10 minutes later, a consultant came and said she was our consultant but was getting a dress for another bride and she'd be right there. About 10 minutes after that, she finally came back and pulled the dress I had come to see, and another one.

She took my measurements, put the dresses in a fitting room and told me to try them on, and said she had to assist the other bride. It is very challenging to get into a wedding gown alone, and my feelings were hurt listening to the consultant help the other bride in the next room, she was so helpful, encouraging and bubbly with that bride. For the next hour and 10 minutes, my maid of honor and I were completely ignored. Not one consultant or our consultant said a single word to us.

She put the other bride on the platform, in the center, so there was no room for anyone else. Another bride and maid of homor left, that girl was in tears for neglect as well. My maid of honor clipped my dresses, pulled dresses, helped me dress. We actually sat down for 10 minutes while my maid of honor tried to get a consultants attention long enough to ask for a gown she saw on display.

Finally, I broke down. I couldn't stop the tears any longer. They didn't even notice I was crying! Then, the other bride picked a dress and they rang a bell and the consultant was so bubbly and sweet and loud for her.

THEN, 20 minutes after my appt should have ended, she finally asked how I was. I decided to stay, even tho at that moment I was in the fitting room to change and leave. And then the consultant brought me dresses I hated. I don't like the style, I told her that, and she was so pushy, she said this was my body type...I am 5'5, 125 lbs with a 36DD bust..I don't think my body limits me to mermaid gowns that are plain.

What part of I hate this style told her to bring me more? If she'd paid even a little attention to me during my appointment she'd have known what I like. In short, once I had been ignored and hurt to the point of tears, no amount of attention once the bride she liked was gone was going to fix this. I've never felt so unwelcomed or unwanted anywhere.

And no one there seemed to see anything wrong with treating clients this way. I had been so excited and happy to go, and was completely robbed of my joy. I also would like to add that she pushed a credit card application for a dress I said I DIDN'T LIKE, then told me to get changed, she had to end the appointment because she was running behind because the last bride went an hour and 20 minutes over. Ummm, excuse me, when was MY hour?

I got 15 minutes of seeing ugly dresses.

I cried in my appointment. I don't think brides should cry over mistreatment.

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Also idk why this is saying I'm in New Jersey, I'm in Oregon.


thank you, but I did have an appointment, and a list of dresses I had seen online, and we were early. I had a consultant who wanted 2 commissions, and thougt she could ignore everyone else, and get a sale by allowing another girl to go over time to the point I lost my hour.

I think she thought she could fix it by giving me attention afterward. There were other brides and partied who left due to neglect as well.


I am also getting married. My wedding is in August 2012.

I bought my dress at David's Bridal. I had a wonderful consultant but I did learn a couple of things after multiple visits to David's Bridal. 1. Never go on Saturdays or Sundays.

They are horribly busy on those days. Also, arrive at least twenty minutes early. That gives you time to look around for dresses. Also, go online before you go and select the dresses you like and want to try on.

When I went, I had a list of dresses and I went through about 6 of them before I picked "the one." Also, please make sure that when you give them your information online, make sure you check the box for your information to not be shared with other people.

I got on their mailing lists and I started getting phone calls from people congratulating me on my wedding (these people were sales people from different companies offering their products). Try to give them another chance on a weekday during the day if possible and you will probably get better results

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