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Here is my fiance's recent horrible experience with David's Bridal:

Store: 0188 Tran#03027317 Rep Betty S. 730335

My experience with this company has not only caused me to completely lose faith in your corporation, it has been the single most disappointing and insulting experience I have ever had in any retail shop in my entire life. Even being a store manager of a successful retail shop for several years I have never seen or had worse customer service nor have I ever been more offended as a woman by the 1634 Governors Square Blvd. Tallahassee, FL 32301 Store.

After purchasing a bridal gown from your company I called to ask for an alterations appointment. I asked for a Saturday appointment as I live in Panama City, FL and it is difficult to make the three hour drive to the store. I’d have to ask off of work and I’m saving my time for my honeymoon. I booked an afternoon time and double checked with the woman over the phone to make sure that it was accurate and set in stone as we would not be able to make a second trip if they were double booked.

I was reassured that it was set up and that I had nothing to worry about. I arrived a few minutes early to make sure we were on time only to be informed we had no appointment and that they don’t “Do that kind of thing on Saturdays”. I explained that I had set it earlier that week and double checked the time in advance as well. The “manager” of the alterations department, Betty, said flat out and with an absurd amount of attitude that I was clearly wrong and had no appointment but that she would take me back anyways; as if she were doing me a favor correcting my egregious mistake.

After putting on my dress I asked for the sides to be taken in because the dress was several sizes too big. I was able to hold it up and circle around without the fabric touching my body. Betty declined saying “people like (me) don’t ever want or need the dress to be tight”. I guess overweight women don’t want to look good or show off their bodies. I repeatedly asked for her to take it in showing her how large it was and she did a very small amount (about half an inch) and refused further because it would “alter the shape of the dress”. I got this same response when I asked for a corset back so that I could just adjust it myself because Betty surely wasn’t going to which was a question I asked before buying the dress and one of the reasons why I ended up picking the designer gown over the clearance one. I am so sorry I didn’t get the memo I’m supposed to hide myself behind gobs of fabric in shame of my body and shape; but thank you David’s Bridal for letting me know that I am supposed to hate myself. Good to know!

Then Betty began frustratedly making the tie offs as quickly as possible for the bustle since I “didn’t have a real appointment” and she just “didn’t have the time to take on something like (me)”. She counted 16 spots of which I was charged for. I asked about second fittings and the need to not *** time from work. Betty said it only takes one fitting for her to do it but under no circumstances would she be able to “graciously take me on the weekend” and that I had to come during the week to pick up my dress. I paid the $300+ bill and left feeling bad and ashamed about myself as a woman, a customer, and a person. As far as I was concerned I was just ready to leave the dress there and elope because of how horrible that trip made me feel. Crying on the way home, I never wanted to see it again. The saddest and most pathetic thing was that I genuinely thought it would get better when I went to pick it up.

This time my bridesmaid who had to have her dress altered came with me to pick up my gown. I set two appointments but had to fight to get them on the same day. I was on the phone for my entire lunch break with Betty arguing about why we couldn’t have the appointments on the same day since we are both coming in from three hours away and I already had to take half a day off of work just to make sure we weren’t there on the weekend. We final were able to get them on the same day and I called ahead in advance to double check that they were set correctly not wanting a repeat of last time. I was told there were no appointments and that the bridesmaid dress was going to be sent back because we hadn’t picked it up.

I fought again over the phone with David’s Bridal employees and management that I set appointments and I called to make sure that they knew not to send the dress back since the alterations were happening in less than a week from when it arrived in the store.

Another lunch hour wasted and I was assured everything was going to work out. Upon finding the bridesmaid dress in the pile to be sent back to the warehouse we both stepped into our dresses and I explained that the only thing I needed on the bridesmaid dress was to have it shortened from floor-length to tea-length; another question I asked about before purchasing the dress and another reason for choosing the more expensive option. Again we were trying to “alter the shape of the dress” and it just couldn’t be done and I’d need to reorder the short version and have it get to the store the day of the wedding. Because why, yes, the only thing I have to do on the day I am getting married I to drive three hours out of town to pick up a dress I only hope doesn’t have to be altered. Shockingly we opted to not have her dress done and started on mine. None of the work was correct the dress was still large enough to fit me and my bridesmaid in and dragged on the ground in several places despite the, oh how many? Only six ties that were sewn into place and I paid for over 16!

I again asked for her to take in the sides and was shut down immediately. Then Betty had to call in back up to help deal with the “monster” that was going over her appointment time. I was confused though; I thought I had booked two appointments. Nope! She gave away my second appointment to a walk in and I was cutting into her time. Shame on me! She put in about eight more ties and wasn’t going to charge me because she was just going to get this “monster of an order” completed- she just does so many favors for the brides. She told me to come back tomorrow to which I had to again reiterate that I had to work and that I don’t live nearby. Then I was told to come back at closing. That’s 9pm in case you don’t know. I explained in the nicest way possible that I had to work in the morning and Betty informed me that the only other option was to have it shipped to me. She said that “they” messed up the dress but that she was going to deal with it herself this time and could have it shipped out no later than Monday. I cried again as I left the store having no idea why I paid this company money to treat me like a second rate cow.

I resisted my gut telling me to just take it home and find someone else because I was warned she wouldn’t touch it if someone else did. I thought “they” did it in the first place, though, not her. I called on Monday to get the tracking number and shouldn’t have been surprised that it not only wasn’t being completed by Betty but that it wasn’t going to be finished for two weeks and shipped out the week after. Just so you know that’s two and a half weeks before my wedding and how was I to prove that I didn’t have anyone else touch it if it was wrong? I came home from work crying once again to my fiancé who had to get involved and he called the store and demanded it be shipped immediately to the house and for them to not touch it any further. Which was briefly protested then was promised it would be shipped out that day or the next. I called back after and got the shipping confirmation number for verification from the manager I still can’t bring myself to put it on. I get so worked up when I even see it that I can’t imagine putting it on for what was supposed to be the best and happiest day of my entire life. Never have I been more insulted and never again will I. I will not only never go back, but I am closing my credit card and making sure that every bride I ever meet for the rest of my life knows exactly what kind of company David’s Bridal is and the people they employ and promote.

Product or Service Mentioned: Davids Bridal Dress.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $383.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Overbooked, Not all sizes available, Price, Alterations.

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