I had an appointment scheduled for a few months. I had purchased my wedding dress through them and when it was time to start looking for dresses for the mothers and the girls, we made a day out of it..

we went to a nice lunch and I thought I would be able to sit and see all the girls in all the dresses at once. They gave us 2 fitting rooms for 6 people on opposite sides of the store. I was told I couldnt stand where i was because it was "someone elses section" who was trying on a wedding dress. My girls were barely helped, there was no way for me to see everyone in their dresses at once, an associate hit me with a dress and didn't even say excuse me or apologize.

This was supposed to be a fun day and instead it was STRESSFUL and I was treated like I didn't matter. They will never get my business again!

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Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States #588075

I actually was ignored in our DB (it's the only one in our town), despite there only being one other lady trying on gowns. It was fine because I was mostly interested in checking out hair accessories as I'd never buy one of their POS dresses even though you can't beat the prices. I also have had several friends who opted for slightly more expensive boutiques out of town so they'd be treated like people after dealing with this store. I'm not sure if it's because we're a college town they think everyone under the age of 30 is just attempting to play dress up so they can treat them shotty or if it's just a company thing. Hate to say it but David's is the Wal Mart of wedding stores. You get what you pay for, not that it's an excuse for poor treatment, but you really can't expect better.

Also "MIMI" has posted on multiple complaints bashing the complainer so I sense an employee of the company. That or one of those people who constantly finds faults with victims of anything. Evs.

Sorry Davids sucks, but again, you get what you pay for- cheap dresses and bad service.


you went on a saturday didn't you. It is crowded and no matter where you stood you would be in the way.

its a matter of numbers. there are 30 dressings rooms. 30 parties looking for dresses, lets say 10 are brides and average only 2 guests(LMAO) so that would be 10 brides and 20 people. then the other 20 rooms are bridesmaids parties.

averaging 4 bm's mmmmm that means there was 20 brides w/ 4 x 20 = 80 ... that's 180 and the brides trying on dress and their people with them, and the walk - ins coming through the door, You got 2 rooms.

YOu should be THRILLED! David's bridal is a budget wedding store, if you want to be treated differently, I suggest you pay 3 x's more for the dress and go to a small snotty boutique.

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