Sorry customers of David Bridal, for the rudeness from some of the consultants no excuse for miss treating you, but most of us working at Davids Bridal are under a lot of stress,the demand to sell no matter what the bride budget or hard times are that the bride has confided in the consultant David Bridal does not care, maybe I shouldn't say David's Bridal as a hole but the DB in Austin TX, working under bad, uncomfortable conditions.ex:we would come into work our 5hr or 8hr and it would turn out 10 to 11hr with no LUNCH!think about the heavy wedding dresses that we carry 2 or 3 at a time and being on your feet without a break,manager breathing down your neck asking why bride didn't buy,while you have another bride waiting that as been waiting for 30min and you are trying to get back to that bride but mangt wont let you leave till you make up something other than she's not ready to buy yet.

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The store in the bossier city mall is no better! As an employee for nearly a year I have dealt with 7h shifts no lunch and a boss that threatens to hit you if you tell corporate.

There have been over 12 brand new employee come and go since my start due to the poor management and the out right lies from the store manager Miss Janann, bad remarks about our DM Miss Kyle and unprofessionalism.

Even when there are great employees there willing to work overtime and cover shifts she will change the schedule at the last min (meaning night before) without informing the employee and then calling them a no show. This manager is constantly bad mouthing customers after they leave changing employees hours to look like we have worked less then we done.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1007366

Easy - GO ABOVE THEIR HEAD and call the District manager If that doesn't work call corporate. It is against the law to prevent you from having breaks, DON'T TAKE THAT ***.

But, if you are calling out a lot, and sick a lot, start taking vitamins and get your health in order. You are depended on at your job. It is not okay to be calling out. I have worked at David's for a long time.

If you can't handle the physical nature of the job, get out! This isn't a job for wimps.


I hate working here, they dont care if you faint . Managers will cuss you out if you are sick and call off.


I have worked for a DB in Missouri for a year and a half now. I love it.

It is a huge step up from my previous work experience (food service for 12 years), so I feel, personally, fortunate that they even gave me a chance. I am a CSR, and sometimes play Stylist (as they are now called) when we get busy.

Having read these comments, I am very lucky to work with a DB family, rather than it being just a job. Our managers go above an beyond for the employees- filling in so the stylist can get their due breaks, looking up info so the girls can stay with their clients, stepping in and suggesting so, when they notice the bride is overwhelmed and needs to "sleep on it," etc.

We work as a team to be sure we can get our brides and parties in, whether it be that day or in a couple days. In our store we believe and practice that the bride deserves our 100% attention, so we try to keep it one appt at a tine, per stylist.

Our management and staff do everything we can for our customers. Just the other day, a bride came in with her last bridesmaid to order a dress, it was only then (after her previous 3 party members had ordered with delivery dates expected no later than end of September) that the bride informed us that she had moved her date up by more than 2 months- from end of October to mid August.

My manager didn't have to, but did everything she could, including price matching new dresses that would be on time with the original special value dresses.

I am very sorry your store doesn't/didn't work as a team.

It always stinks when the employees have a hard time enjoying what they should love. Hopefully things get better in the stores that have been mentioned.

to Yibs #1130522

well well......I was an alterations manager and its still a pathetic company to work for. Sounds like you just enjoy buying lots of chapstick and kissing your managers ***.


I currently work at David's Bridal and am shocked at the legal issues that go on in my store currently. Managers tell the consultants to get the bride out of her comfort budget zone and always offer the davids credit card to make life easier on the bride.

In addition to that, one manager who obviously has no idea how to do anything or doesn't even care at this point has literally made every consultant that works at the store walk out during a shift because of her power trip. Myself included. What bugs me most about the situation is that we are supposed to be helping the brides have a fun experience getting the dress of their dreams and this particular manager makes it so hard for us to keep smiling and happy when helping a bride, that we're definitely bringing the vibe in the place way down. The other issue is phone calls.

We are required to make about 20 phone calls per day, but some stylists only have 70 or so customers under their belt. which means we're calling the same people once every 3 days...it's borderline harassment!!

to DBMA #799493

Yep.... its the climate of the compay.

I worked theee under the old.company and then under the new. The phone calling is ridiculous its busy work that *** off the customer. I always fakedumy calls. Just so it looked like I was keeping up numbers.....

and still I was earning.20 to 26 an hour. So it is mot the calls thay sell the brides. It reallu is a good experience.

I sold enough that I just ignored the ***... and did it my way

No one.bugged me.and all.was good.


I worked at David's Bridal and everything said here is TRUE!!! I would never work there again or buy anything from this store.

Managers are rude, belittling, snappy, derogatory and plain and simple, nasty. I don't know how in the world this company has 400 stores and stays in business. I cannot comprehend it.

Don't shop at this store and don't work there, this place is like entering into your worst nightmare.

You have been warned. :(


On Monday November 4th. David's Bridal dropped 90% of the full time staff to part time, in all 300 stores. In one day they took away all insurance, overtime pay,

San Diego, California, United States #697312

I am happy to say i just quit my alterations position and it is a MESS! no breaks, never...

*** hours shift and way too much work to do, not a day went by without having customers yell at me for CSI's i didn't even do...

my productivity was always over 100% and always gave quality work on my sewing and to my customers, but the good employees are not well appreciated. So long David's Bridal, never coming back, don't apply it's *** pay and *** job and way too much work which is not appreciated


To the 22 who think it is ***. Go in stand back a Saturday in january.

Watch and listen.

Or better yet get a job there and then tell me its ***. You couldn't be more ignorent, self-centered if you tried.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #693114

I have been working for the company for a year and 8 months now. I will admit I have never worked in a more chaotic, fast-paced atmosphere...

but if I didn't love what I do, I wouldn't still be doing it! I will admit, my manager does NOT care about the store, she does NOT care about the employees and she does NOT care about the customers. I personally go out of my way to provide each customer with a special experience. I am lucky that I get to help these customers with their special day.

There are times when I am assisting more groups than I should and I feel very disappointed with the service I end up providing because I am spread so thin. I think this company really needs to take a step back... They are the leaders in this industry and it wouldn't kill them to APPRECIATE EACH CUSTOMER AND EMPLOYEE!!! Sadly, employees do not have any control over what is available on the rack.

We are just sent random dresses throughout the week. I personally do my best to remove damaged merchandise from the floor and maintain quality items in our store.

And I can tell you that I care more than most of my coworkers :( It's a shame. I would hate to be a bride at my store and that makes me sad to say.

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #670170

While David's Bridal does have corporate policies that are not employee focused such as trying to get your lunch break and serving more customers than can be handled reasonably, it is a good job and a pleasant environment. Most people coming in to purchase or even look at dresses come in with a positive attitude and how we handle them is the key.

Most of you must not have had a really difficult job with really nasty cursing managers, worked outside, in a warehouse, a sewing factory, as a dishwasher,....

So get a grip. In todays economy be happy you have a job.


I worked there for about two weeks until I realized it's a horrible company. My first week absolutely NOBODY trained me on how to do anything and when I asked questions because I'm new none of the employees wanted to help me because all they care about is their commission.

This is by far the worst and most unprofessional company I have ever worked for and I actually feel bad for the brides that get their dresses from there because all the employees see are dollar signs when someone walks through the door. Not a bride - dollar sign.

This company sucks. They pay you $8 and expect everything and anything from you and give you nothing in return.


The reason I work at David's ---- not because it is a wonderful environment, not because I'm paid so well... Not because corporate is so in touch with what is going on in stores.

None of which is happening. I work as a wedding consultant because I love to work with Brides, help them find dresses, and because NOT EVERYONE can afford Klienfelds. So when you have a bad experience, TRY to remember the consultant HAS NO CONTROL over the amount of people in the store. THE CONSULTANT has NO CONTROL over corporate policies and procedures, THE CONSULTANT has no control over your mood, your budget, your nasty friends, your destructive children, your meddling mother, or the styles of the dresses designed and in the store.

Think PEOPLE, we are there to assist, if you do evrything CONTRARY to what we KNOW what do you expect. Listen, Learn, and no -- you are not always right.


As a CSR, they expect you to answer phones, check people out, pick up dresses for people in the store, take phone orders, put go backs away, register EVERY person that comes in the store, and be sure that all consultants dont hit there fifth hour before taking a lunch all at the same time. And all for minimum wage.

I'm a CSR and dont even make commission. But that doesn't mean I dont work as hard. Customers come in and get upset about waiting and it's always the CSR's fault. 1 person cant do it all, especially on the weekends when it's rediculously busy.

I also hate the fact that corporate and Store managers allow overbooking.

somtimes 8-15 appointments over what we can handle and still expect us to take walk ins with a smile they wait 30 minutes to 2 hours. And I apologize to those customers who thought I was rude.


I wouldn't go here if you are married or thinking of getting married!!!! Unfortuneately on top of the extremly poor service I've read about under these reviews...

there is another catch. A manager for both the Orland Park and Oak Lawn store is a homewrecker. YES! Promoting marriage at its best.

Bridget primarily out of the Orland Park store had been dating my husband for some time before I found out. The catch is she knew he was married. So...

If you would like your husband or husband to be to recieve nude pictures from the staff at David's Bridal... I recommend this ridiculous institution.

to Erin #693561

Erin, I am completely offended that you grouped and insinuated that DB employees are homewreckers and send out nude photos. Because your husband is a pig is not my fault.

I would have called her district or regional manager and let them know what kind ofa *** is working for the company. YOU owe the rest of an apology.

I suggest you get professional counseling on how to deal with your emotions and behavior. It is immature and selfish.


I worked for DB and when I found out I was pregnant I told them I had to have my breaks to keep my strength up and grab a snack. When they wouldn't give my breaks to me I quit and they have been withholding my last two paychecks because of it.

I can't get anyone at the corporate office to return my calls. This is the worst company I have ever worked for and I am currently in the process of filing with the Dept of Labor and Stats against them because what they are doing is unethical and against the law.


Thats funny, whiner. QUit dear!

Or file a claim against them, it is AGAINST the law to work with no lunch break if over 4 hrs and 2 15 min breaks and 30min-1hr lunch break with an 8 hr shift! Davids Bridal sucks, wake up and get out!

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