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I ordered a bridesmaid dress from David's bridal and picked the dress up a couple weeks ago tried it on today and noticed it was too small. I went in to the long beach ca location yesterday at around 7pm and was greeted by a nice employee sitting at the very front.

She asked how she could help me and I told her my situation. She looked up my order info and told me I'm in luck. They have 2 sizes that can be shipped and I will receive on June 29th one of the sizes is the size I need. She told me bring the dress in right away so they can send for the exchange.

I was happy. I though what a relief. Well I drove back home picked the dress up and went back to the store. The lady was gone and I was helped by the store manager.

I told her same thing I needed a size bigger and right away she said there will be a $20 charge for my request because they need to place a rush delivery since the wedding is set for July 7th. Now another bridesmaid had the same issue and no charge was made to her. She did place the exchange earlier so I know I'm cutting it short but I was told they have the size in stock. I just don't understand why would the first lady tell me I can get it by June 29th to the manager telling me it's a rush order and I will be charged for that.

I told her no I've already paid a lot for the dress so will not pay extra for something that 1. Another bridesmaid did an exchange and was not charged and 2. I was told they have it in stock so how is that considered a rush order??... She then said she can call other stores to see if they have the dress..

I thought great!! Only to find out she is offering me an exchange with the dress that's been on a mannequin for who knows how long. I got my dress and walked out. Now I know she could have gotten me the dress and that is what upset me.

I was very polite with her and felt as the manager she should have been a bit more considerate. This is my second time with David's bridal and really this time disappointed me. Especially since I recommended the bride to go to David's bridal. Not something I would recommend again.

I hope someone reads this and forwards to the right person.       

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Because the person at the front gave you limited information. And yes it is all about timing.

1 hour changes things dramatically in a large corporation. They don't run on your time.

They run on their time because they have 350 stores across the states, and someone else might have had the same size issue or wanted to order asap just bcoz. So it is not always about you.

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