I has sticker shock when my daughter was fitted for her wedding gown alterations not to mention the flower girl's dress. We left there with $330 in alteration fees.

The flower girl's dress was at discount because of all the purchases we made but still paid $80. The alterations on that dress alone for a strap adjustment and hem was $80. I think they are way overpriced or maybe I was just suffering from sticker shock.

I suggest shopping around first for a seamstress and get a quote first. I think everything in their store is way overpriced anyway.

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I cannot believe all the emails and phone calls I have received since I visited David's Bridal. I asked them not to use my email for anything other than contacting me themselves.

Didn't happen and now I am getting them. Never again will I work with them.


Never get alterations at David's bridal. Look in your area for an alteration shop that has a good reputation and you will get better service faster and at a much lower price.


I swear they sell dresses a size larger than they should just so they can make it up in alteration charges! I had that experience with a bridesmaid dress - the dress was $200 and since they ordered it two sizes too big, it cost another $200 to alter.

$400 later it was too big and still fit horribly.

A year later I go in to buy my wedding dress. I found a wedding dress I loved that fit perfectly right off the rack. Granted, it was a little tight, but I was not wearing any undergarments to stuff my fat into because I was *** and didn't bring those with me.

I almost let the saleswoman (who was horrible to begin with and didn't help one bit till I was ready to leave) talk me into buying a size larger. She said "the dresses on the floor are stretched out from so many people trying them on" which I didn't quite believe. Those dresses are not made of stretchable material and you could tell the one I had was barely even used. I ended up going with my gut and ordering the correct size the first time and now all I need is a slight strap adjustment that frankly I can do myself.

If I'd ordered bigger, the entire dress would need to be altered and would cost a fortune.

My point is, order what fits and go with your gut... not with a pushy salesperson.


Paying the same amount for alterations as the dress?!! Yes ma'am that is ridiculously high.

I am purchasing my dress from there but going elsewhere for alterations. My dress was only $170 and the veil I wantedwaa $189!!!!

I told them that was ridiculous. I went on eBay and found one brand new for $20!!!

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