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I went to David's bc i found a dress online that I loved. I tried it on and bought it.

But the dress that I tried on was too big so they ordered in the next size down. When that dress came in I tried it on and the consultant asked me if I had lost weight since I had last been there. I said maybe a little and she that I had plenty of room in the new dress and not to lose anymore. I just mentioned trying on the next size down and just doing an exchange.

She wouldnt hear of it and said that their alterations department would take care of it it. She told me "well there's 20 lbs inbetween each size. Do you think you've lost that much?" real smart like and looked me up and down. So i went and got my dress pinned and noticed she was planning on taking in atleast and inch on each side of the top part of the dress.

Once again i asked about trying on the next size down and she ignored me. Also since my dress was a pick-up gown the lady said that she could ONLY do a French Bustle on it which by itself was $150. (The woman that is now doing my alterations said that that was a lie that you can do any bustle that a French Bustles the most expensive and complicated one too)After she was done pinning my dress we went to the front to pay for the alterations, they had to be paid in full that day, and almost died when they said the total of my alterations was $301!! Thats half of what we paid for the dress!

My mom was ready to flip. When we told the woman that that was way too much she started getting smart with us saying "well is there anything on this slip that you dont really need??" and things like that. Finally I convinced them to let me try on the smaller dress. When i put it on the consultant that was helping told me that it fit perfect i could almost go a size smaller than that.

So all along i should have had that size but they were just trying to get me to spend a ton of money on alterations. After they told us that we could just do an exchange we decided we would take the dress somewhere else to get it bustled. And from that point on they, including the managers, were very rude. Because the knew we weren't spending another penny at that place.

They were so rude and shady that i went somewhere else to get my bridesmaids dresses and tuxes.

I would never go back there or suggest anyone buy anything from them. They're just shady cheats

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Same thing happened to me! The measured me size 6!

I never wore a size six! They said dresses run smalI and with alterations it would fit perfect. Instead i ordered a 4 and it was still big ...I'm hoping they'll do an exchange and I can order a 2.

But it's been past 15 days for the online exchange period so we'll see. :(


:eek dang i wanted to have all of wedding stuff come from david's bridal i got an account on the website and everything even though im not enegaged yet but im the type of girl who likes PLANNING AHEAD lol but um reading all of these complaints i think i just may go to the justice of peace and just have an real nice elegant reception afterwards but im gonna be in a bridal gown and him in a tux im not gonna cheat myself out of wearing a beautiful gown :)

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