I took my 10 year old step daughter to David's to look for a Jr. Bridesmaid dress for my wedding.

I told the saleswoman that I was looking for Champagne or White. I picked out a dress of the childrens rack and had her try it on. It did not fit. The saleswoman said that this was the largest size they had in childrens, that I should try a Jr.

bridesmaid dress for her. She brought me over a dress that was green (I really needed Champagne or White) so I tried it on her. It fit, and when asked what colors it came in she said that it did not come in Champagne or White! Then why did you give me the dress to try on?

Then she tells me in front of my 10 year old step daughter, "I'm sorry, were not going to have a dress that's going to fit her!" In front of a little girl. I walked out the door at that point.

When I called and spoke to a manager to complain, she said that she was sorry and she hoped we would give them another chance. NEVER!

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a person in davids alteration depatment told my 16 year old grand daughter that she needed to go on a diet to get into a dress we wanted her to wear for a wedding. she was in tears. the lady didn't even apologize until we got a manager back there.

Meudon, Ile-De-France, France #117622

Wow that was really insentitive.

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