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They are sheisty, decietful liers who entice you with great "deals" and "discounts" when you buy your overpriced, non-returnable wedding dress there. but it is all an elaborate scam to trick you into thinking you're getting an awesome deal until its time for them to come through on their end of the deal and all the strings attached are exposed and you learn the truth.

Lie #1, first alterations are included in the cost of your wedding dress purchase. LIE, it will cost an average of an extra $200 to alter. Lie #2 you will receive a discount on all bridesmaid dresses there, when having purchased your wedding dress there. LIE!

well in part, you do if the dress is at full price, but it David's Bridal already has it marked down, your promised discount does NOT apply. (so why the *** spend $800 on a wedding dress there??) LIE #3 you will receives discounts on all rented tuxes from mens wearhouse when having purchased your dress there.. Well, this is a confusing intricate little trick.. Normally with a discount, you see the price on the tag, and at checkout, you see that price go down by your discount.

Well they explain that the discount is already incoporated into the price tag somehow... hmm.. so any ol joe can come in and rent a tux at your "promised discounted price" in general, they are snobby, stuck up pushy sales people that ONLY care about sucking every last dollar they can out of you and do not care who they hurt, inconvenience or *** off. They make no offer what so ever to make things right.

they just say, oh, its company policy. thats their explanation for every thing that goes wrong. We tell lies?

oh yes, thats company policy. :)

Review about: Davids Bridal Dress.

Monetary Loss: $950.

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