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I went to davids Bridal for my wedding dress at first it started out ok butsoon there after well it has been a nightmare I went in to be aproached by Kisha one of the Davids Bridal sales people. Kisha was pretty nice. she helped me try on dresses and it was good till the day of alterations it was horrable i waited around and hour then I stood up for about fourtifive minutes while this lady pinned up my dress then wam she was like here you need to sign these papers all at once I looked over the paper and seen it said two hundred thirtysix dollars for the alterations I was like what is this she is like your cost for alterations I told her oh no I do not have the money for this with me and why is it so much when i wasn't even aware it cost for alterations because I paid so much for the dress i figured alterations were free butyeah right that wasn't the fact at all well i told her could you just do the neck line and around the chest area I will pay for that the length doesn't matter i have done this before so I know how to walk in a dress that touches the floor she was like no i need to hem the dress so you don't trip well i said forget it and she was very rude at this point well we can not leave the pins in the dress if you do not pay for it now we have to take all the pins out at that point she had one of the other sales people over at my dress ripping the pins out of my dress as she helped him kisha had me paying for the bag they put my dress it then she says all sales final once you sign the receipt its yours it was the worst thing ever I thought to myself does this get any worse well it could I have an unaltered dress and I have till august to find someone to alter it Well it does get worse i went to my facebook andto my surprise Davids Bridal has a page on facebook god help us all well if i had only looked up Davids bridal before I went and bought a dress from them well I would have learned about all the trouble that store has Lots and Lots of complaints it makes me sad to think how many woman are not pleased at all with Davids Bridal and it makes me sick that that get away with the things they do and how they treat some people that come into their stores all over the world women lets stand up for our rights show them they can not do this kind of stuff to us I have made it a goal to get the word out there and I will no matter what I have to do I live in florida and I went to the regancy Davids Bridal In Jacksonville Florida but there are many more Davids Bridals you can read up on if you have a facebook go look them up or they have a site just for davids Bridal complaints its unreal beware of Davids Bridal thank you for lReading hope you get some insite before you go to Davids Bridal and spend your money

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you, sweetheart, win the award for longest *** run on sentence ever. if your typing "style" is any indication of your personal speech patterns, i can certainly see why no one working there wanted to be understanding, or help you out.

to Anonymous Ansonia, Connecticut, United States #1271179

Seriously the only thing you can say to her is that she didn't use a period LOL. I never went into David's Bridal and never will I heard to many horror stories.

That's a lot of money to pay for alterations. When you buy the Wedding Dress there or any bridal store they shouldn't charge you for the bag the dress goes in that should be free.


Why would anyone think alterations are free?? David's Bridal dresses are already considered on the cheap side, if you throw in free alterations that's basically asking for free labor.

Yucca Valley, California, United States #754501

Omg. Really...

these dresses are very inexpensive compared to other stores. Secondly ALL ALTERATIINS AT ALL STORES MUST BE PAID FOR. On average they run 200 to 300 dollars.

If you had read articles in bridal magazines or had a bridal planning book and read it you wouldnt have been ignorant to the industry. Certainly not the fault of alterations that you didnt bother to find out protocal and standards.

to mimi Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #910461

how rude of mimi........she must work for David's

to ***sumer #975072

I do not work for or have never worked for David's Bridal. What Mimi says is true though. Nothing is ever free.

to ***sumer #1161709

You must be ignorant as well. ALTERATIONS ARE NEVER PART OF THE PRICE for wedding gowns. Alteration = labor

Why would someone do labor for free?

to ***sumer San Jose, California, United States #1179685

You must live in a cave to think alterations are free.

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