The service was wonderful up until the point that I bought my dress. After I bought my dress, from then on it was like I didn't matter any more.

When I came to my appointment for my fitting, they made me wait 30 minutes past my appointment time to see the alterations department and no one apologized for the inconvenience. Then, my seamstress was not very polite while she fitted the dress and when it got time to pay, she seemed a little happy at my uncomfortableness with the price. I still paid for the alterations even though I thought they were a little pricy, but I thought I could trust that it would be done well. I was very wrong.

When I came back to pick up my dress after it was altered, it was too small. Not just a little too small, there was a two inch gap when we tried to zip it up. The lady tried to tell me that these things happen and girls gain weight, but I told her that only a month had gone by and there was no way on earth my *** had grown two inches in a month. I told her the original lady had measured me before we altered it and I'd like to see the measurements and compare them to how I am now, but she said those weren't available and offered to schedule my next appointment to have it let out, but I was going to have to pay to have it resized.

She never came out and said it, but she implied that it was my fault the dress didn't fit anymore. I weigh 116 pounds and have next to nothing when it comes to a chest, and this woman was trying to tell me that I had gained two inches in a month. She wouldn't admit that it was the seamstress's fault. I took it out of the store because I was not going to give David's Bridal another cent after the way I was treated.

The alterations store I have now taken it to told me that there was enough material taken in to make it nearly two sizes smaller than it was originally. She laughed when I told her that the seamstress at David's Bridal had told me I had gained that much weight. And finally, to top off this whole experience, I was trying on the dress and one of the sleeves that I paid David's Bridal to sew onto the dress for me popped off.

What if this had happened while I was walking down the aisle? David's Bridal has beautiful dresses, but I am warning all of my friends not to have their alterations done through the store.

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mimi suck a d*ck! you obviously work with davids bridal and that is why you are going around commenting on almost every complaint trying to defend them!


Really David's bridal? Posting yourself on this site acting as a consumer? Pathetic.


same song, different info. again, measurements are available.

Get the manager of the store.

If you leave and don't do anything about it, how would management know that you were dissatisfied. Big Girl panties time!

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