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I bought a Mom of Bride dress online, it was too big, could not exchange because they did not have another size. Made an appt to look for a different dress at the store.

i cant tell you if the person my online appt. confirmation was even a real person because the only help i got was from MY HUSBAND. He carried the dressed that,he helped me pick out to the dressing room. He helped me with the zippers.

Not that,big if a deal really, but if i had known that appts meant u came in and helped yourself while half a dozen people did nothing with only 2 customers in the store, including myself, i would have gone in WHEN I WANTED TO not at the one time they had available. Maybe they were as affected by how freaking hot it was in there as much as I was. Finally i decided to ask about altering the dress i had. As the daughter of a retired tailor I knew what i was asking was not going to be easy or cheap.

the entire bodice needed to be resized as well as a hem. once the seemstress realized that saying it would be expensive ( wo giving me any idea what that meant) did not put me off to the idea ahe began complaining avout how much work it would be and making things up like there were no shoulder seams to take in, even though I was looking right at them. i asked for a price and she told me to give her a minute, ahe walked away and 15 mins later i saw her working with the only other customer in the store. If she wasnt capable of or interested in doing the work i dont know why she didnt just say so.

its not like they are the only place in Virginia that does alterations. i walked out if there IN TEARS and that is not like me. I feel bad for any bride wgo has to deal with these useless lazy jerks. If u want buying your wedding dress to be a stressful miserable experiece i recommend the Walmart of bridal stores, if u want to enjoy it stay away from Davids Bridal.

And if u are an average size woman looking for any other sort of dress, dont bother, nearly all the dresses in the store are size 4 or size 22 and up. Hundreds and hundreds of dresses and only 2 i found to try on in anything close to my size.

Product or Service Mentioned: Davids Bridal Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sounds like you're VERY sensitive. I would have NO problem trying on my own dress.

If I was a bride, maybe I would want some help. Other than that, I wouldn't be upset about this. And yes the seamstress was helping another customer. Most likely because the customer stopped her & asked for help or an answer to a question.

What was the seamstress supposed to do?? Tell that other customer she couldn't help her?? You know that wouldn't go over well either. You have to understand that when a place is understaffed, the employees do our best to help everyone....but some customers just take up more of our time than others.

We are not allowed to tell them to hurry up because we have someone else waiting for help. Would you like to be hurried?

No. We have to give EACH customer our undivided attention.

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