While shopping with my husband for a bridal dress, we were treated like we were not as important as everyone else in the store, I had all of two dresses that were $1000 and up dresses I wanted to try on, may I add that we had cash in hand to buy for our wedding, and they did not even lace up the corset of the second dress, we were ignored and treated like we were not important. There was another girl there trying on very cheap dresses and had about a million of them and she was treated with priority over us.

It is really quite a shame we didn't get treated with more importance, since we had plenty of money to spend on it.

Needless to say we won't be wasting any time or money shopping there, and you probably shouldn't waste your time there either!!! :)

Product or Service Mentioned: Davids Bridal Dress.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I did have an appointment with David's bridal that was set way ahead of time and the sales ppl were rude, I would never waste my money at a place with terrible customer service.


I hate David's bridal, they suck is an understatement.


David's bridal should work on customer service, I visited two different David's bridal shops in two different states WITH appointments scheduled far in advance, and the sales associates at both places were rude and huffy when I was the only customer in the store. Just WTF as expensive as wedding dresses are I expect to be at least treated with respect ppl!

Lincoln, Illinois, United States #628715

I have had nothing but bad experiences at Davids bridal so I understand where you're coming from. I was treated like I wasn't as important because I'm plus size and I DID make an appointment.

Not only that, but their selection is a dime a dozen. I've seen all those dresses a hundred times.


It's not putting the horse before the cart, it's called getting remarried, I didn't know it was that difficult to figure out :D

Highview, Kentucky, United States #607470

I have to agree with you girl, I went to David's Bridal and they were def a joke, no customer courtesy at all, they don't know how much money they could make with better customer service

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #606109

So why were you and your husband shopping for wedding dresses? Isn't that putting the horse before the cart? It is very possible that the other girl had made an appointment, which, if you had, you would have stated that.

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