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every day marie moore has negative remarks about davids bridal and complains about all the empoyees back in alterations . she is very unhappy and is mean and hateful.

this is store 80 we just wished she did not talk about the employees and just be happy and work together to make a winning team. every one else loves working in alterations its fun and creative. This has been going on for a very long time its very unprofessional to talk bad about everyone.

The customers have commented on hearing her negative remarks. We wish to remain anonymous and would like help to get this matter resolved.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Marie Moore at store 80 in Dayton talks bad about our new alts manager ken one day she kept complaining about him and said I think he's on drugs he can't do any thing right she is disgruntled because she is not manager any more so she takes it out on every one else


Please please get this matter resolved it has really got out of hand most of the employees in alteration hate coming to work when marie Moore is there she is so hateful to everyone.

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