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I first went to David's bridal to try on dresses and they only had four dresses in my price range and only one of them fit and it was ripped and stained. So then I went online and looked and found the same exact dress through Amazon through David's bridal at about $40 cheaper and got it faster then I did or I could have if I would've ordered it at the store .

Now let me explain something I want to try on the dresses in February that's when they told me it would take about six months for me to get the dress . I didn't order the dress from Amazon until the beginning of May and I got it five days later . The only thing is is it came wrinkled . So I called David's bridal and I informed them that they shipped me a very wrinkled dress and if they would steam it for me she said at the minimum it would cost $40 and I said excuse me and she said yes the dress left the store already .

I explained to her I ordered the dress on line and it was never even in the store that it was shipped to me wrinkled.

She said it doesn't matter that the policy the only way that I would get it steamed for free is if it had never left the store. She then hung up on me .

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